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Warning about recruiting phishing scams:

Please be aware of a phishing scam involving bad actors posing as hiring managers recruiting via email, text messages or on social media. The con artists are creating misleading email accounts, conducting remote "interviews," and making fake job offers in order to collect personal and financial information from unsuspecting individuals.

GreatAmerica only uses email addresses when communicating with candidates via email and uses secure tools on our website to receive data from applicants. GreatAmerica does not request personal banking information from candidates to submit an application for an open position.

To prevent such incidents, we would like to encourage individuals interested in an open position to apply directly on our website, verify the domain of any email that appears to have been sent by us and take appropriate precautions before sharing any personal information. If you believe you've been a victim of a job scam, please report the issue to your local law enforcement agency, the Federal Trade Commission or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.