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Easy Access to Your Lease Data

Populate Lease Information via e-automate and CEO Juice for Quick and Easy Updates to GreatAmerica Contracts

How Does the CEO Juice Integration Help Me?

This integration uses e-automate to populate the most current lease information, making it unnecessary for you to manually update each contract. With CEO Juice, it is easy to compare the lease data between GreatAmerica and the information you have stored in e-automate.

Features of this integration:

  • Retrieve your portfolio directly from GreatAmerica via the CEO Juice app
  • View your portfolio in a side-by-side comparison between GreatAmerica and e-automate
  • Review differences and determine what records you want updated
  • Update the e-automate contracts in bulk

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About CEO Juice

CEO Juice provides Business and Artificial Intelligence for Copier Dealers, backed up by a team of industry experts. CEO Juice software and systems ensure your business is running as efficiently and smoothly as possible, while their team of experts can help with software and best practice questions. Leverage systems that know when something goes wrong with the intelligence to take the correct steps to address the issue.

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