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Quoting Simplicity with ChannelOnline

Price Monthly Payments with ChannelOnline and GreatAmerica

ChannelOnline GreatAmerica Integration

Stay in the system you use every day for quoting and proposing, and include a monthly lease payment on your quotes. 

The integration uses real-time lease rates to calculate monthly payments to fit the terms and purchase options you choose. Those terms are customizable for each of your client’s quotes, and can include your SLA monthly payment to present a Hardware as a Service-like solution. 

With this integration you can do the following:

  • Quote multiple finance options;
  • Place monthly payments on proposals;
  • Bundle hardware payment & SLA monthly payment.

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Make Your Quotes Easy to Say “Yes” To!

One mistake Solution Providers make is overlooking the impact of what you chose to include, or not include, on a quote. This eBook reveals three simple updates to make your quotes more appealing and easier for your customers to say “yes” to.

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About ChannelOnline

ChannelOnline is a web-hosted sales automation software with an e-commerce storefront that enables VARs and MSPs to manage business processes including quotes and proposals, invoicing, procurement, and e-commerce stores all from one application. Aggregated catalogs and live pricing detail from major suppliers, such as Ingram Micro, D&H, and TD SYNNEX, are visible from a single application dashboard. Additionally, ChannelOnline has the ability to market and sell custom service and labor items for higher MRR. At the foundation of ChannelOnline is DataSource™, 1'WorldSync's premier product data, which powers many of the world's largest e-commerce sites and is included in every subscription at no additional cost.

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