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Streamline Financing with ConnectWise Integrations

Send and Receive Critical Information without Leaving ConnectWise

Send and Receive Critical Information Without Leaving ConnectWise

Submit Credit Applications

With one click pass your opportunity details to us for a credit check.

Flexible Invoicing

Update your variable charges in ConnectWise, and let us bill them for you.

Delinquency Reporting

Get notified when clients aren’t paid in full and view real-time customer payment statuses.

Master MSP Ticket Automation

Collaboratively work with Collabrance Master MSP on customer tickets.

Submit Credit Applications through ConnectWise PSA

Are you quoting monthly payments through ConnectWise CPQ™ and passing that information into a ConnectWise opportunity? 

Use the “Submit Credit Application” functionality in ConnectWise PSA to pass the deal information to GreatAmerica for a credit check.

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ConnectWise is a software company that connects technology teams to the solutions, services, and people that allow them to thrive. Our business automation platform stands at the center of a comprehensive ecosystem of integrated solutions, best practices, and a community dedicated to everyone's success.

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