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Finance Agreements help your customers acquire equipment quickly while maintaining their cash flow. 

Standard Finance and Lease Products

GreatAmerica offers traditional finance and lease products with simple and effective structures. Offering your customers options make selling your solutions simple and gives them an alternative to paying cash for your equipment or technology.

Finance Agreements

Similar to a loan, equipment and or software is sold to the end user as dollars are borrowed to pay for the equipment. The end user owns the equipment from day one and the funding source has secured interest in the equipment. This is great for customers wishing to preserve their cash flow and want to own their own equipment. Unlike standard loans, a Finance Agreement is simple and reduces the time it takes to process the transaction and can include additional charges within the monthly payment. 

$1 Buy Out

The $1 Buy Out purchase option allows your customer to own the equipment written on the lease upon fulfillment of the lease’s contractual obligation for $1.00 with no renewal lock. Title transfer will be given to the customer after the final payment is made – because the customer owns the equipment at end of term, no return freight costs are issued. This lease type also provides potential capital lease tax advantages for customers.  

Rental Lease

A rental lease provides your customer with the ability to have a current and quality solution for a fixed monthly payment over a desired duration without the option to purchase the equipment at end of term. The customer has a few choices ranging from returning the equipment or continuing to rent the equipment after their specified lease duration is up. This gives you, the equipment provider, flexible options for both your customer and the equipment at end of term. 

Fair Market Value

A Fair Market Value lease is the best option for customers looking to regularly refresh technology. The low monthly payment, potential operating expense deduction, and multiple end of term options resulting in ownership make this ideal for customers interested in upgrading at the speed of technology. Choose between four different options at end-of-term, including upgrade, buyout, renewal and return. 

Fixed Purchase Option

This lease includes a defined end-of-term purchase option with built-in flexibility for your customers. Choose between four different options at end-of-term, including upgrade, buyout, renewal and return. With a slightly higher monthly payment than other leases that offer purchase options, the fixed purchase options helps you to reduce your customers’ anxiety around their total cost of ownership. 

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