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Avoid the Pitfalls of a Loan with Program Rates and Tools that Help You Control the Sale and Close Faster

An Equipment Finance Agreement gives your customers the ability to acquire ownership of equipment while preserving their cash flow

What is an Equipment Finance Agreement?

An Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA) is similar to a loan because the equipment is actually being sold to the end-user and dollars are being borrowed to pay for the equipment. The end-user owns the equipment from day one and the funding source has a secured interest in the equipment. The contract is still for a specific term with a fixed payment amount.


Why Might Your Customers Find Value in an Equipment Finance Agreement?

There are several reasons your customers may find an Equipment Finance Agreement useful.

Cash Flow

Customers wishing to preserve their cash flow may prefer an EFA to keep their bank and credit lines free.

Quick Turnaround

An EFA is more simple than a standard loan and reduces the time it takes to process the transaction.


EFAs work well for customers who want to own their equipment at the end of term, while also preserving cash flow.

Avoid Upfront Fees

Unlike standard interest loans, fees like shipping, training, or installations can be included within the monthly payment.

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