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Shorten Your Sales Cycle and Manage Your Portfolio with Ease

From submitting credit apps to lease portfolio management, streamline your sales process with our Falcon Soaring technology integration.

How Can The Falcon Soaring Integration Help Me?

Shorten your sales process by making it simple to manage your lease portfolio and identify opportunities using our Falcon Soaring integrations. 

Features of these integrations:

  • Attain visibility into all areas of your lease portfolio
  • Easily calculate payments via a GreatAmerica rate card
  • Submit credit applications directly from Falcon Soaring to GreatAmerica
  • Bookmark your lease documents, streamline their delivery, and easily collect the necessary signatures from you customers

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About Falcon Soaring

Falcon Technology has been providing CRM solutions since 2000. They market an industry specific, CRM called Soaring. Soaring gives you a powerful, intuitive and affordable CRM solution specifically designed and marketed to the office equipment industry since 2000. Highlights include territory management, forecasting, management tools & reporting. Soaring includes both a desktop & mobile version.

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