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Counter Margin Compression with Flat Rate Billing

Offer your customers a predictable monthly spend while protecting your revenue & differentiating yourself from competitors

What is Flat Rate Billing?

Flat Rate Billing helps you differentiate by structuring your offerings in a way that provides your customer a budgetable spend. There are several flat options. Some are very simple, others are quite complex. It can simultaneously protect your profitability, when executed properly. If you’re interested in a Flat Rate approach, certain considerations should be made, including monitoring and management of user print behaviors, a solid assessment process, ERP implementation, and leader commitment.


Why Use a Flat Rate Billing Program?

Office technology dealers are interested in Flat Rate Billing models to help differentiate in today’s competitive marketplace.

Flat Rate Billing models can help you:

  • Offer a predictable monthly spend to your customers
  • Protect your revenue 
  • Reduce administration
  • Easily layer other products and services you offer


What Types of Flat Rate Billing Options Can I Offer My Customers?

You have different competitive pressures in the markets you serve and with Cost Per Image / Cost Per Page models experiencing pricing pressures, new approaches can be beneficial. As with most offerings, one size doesn’t fit all. We’d like the opportunity to discuss the many options available with your Flat Rate Billing approach.

Seat Based Billing

Match how Managed IT Services providers  go to market and provide a billing solution that layers all services, software, and hardware via a cost per seat approach.

Flat Rate w/ Benchmarks

Provide a budgetable monthly payment while establishing benchmarks for usage, ensuring your customer relationships remain profitable.

Unlimited Clicks

Allow an all you can print approach with no protections provided in your finance agreement.

Device Based Billing

If your go to market is to charge by device, we have schedules to match your sales approach.


Provide a single budgetable payment for your software needs.

Skip / Step

Structure your agreement to schedule payments that accommodate the needs of your customer’s seasonal business cycle.

Hardware Only

Keep your agreement for hardware separate from your services and supplies using a hardware only arrangement.