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Application Round Open Now through September 29th

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Our Commitment

GreatAmerica is committed to building a strong community, supporting sustainable activities, and promoting good will. In addition to its GreatAmerica Donor Advised Fund established in 2001, the GreatAmerica Employee Advised Fund will essentially double GreatAmerica charitable giving in the community. Combined, the funds are expected to provide more than $1 Million to projects in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City each year. 

Our Community

As a private company, we see our social and economic objectives as intertwined. Our social spending improves the quality of the business environment where we operate, and this benefits our employees’ lives and families. We feel the health of our local workforce materially impacts our potential competitiveness. 

This fund is directed by GreatAmerica employees, putting charitable giving choices directly in the hands of individual workers. Supported activities reflect their personal beliefs and values.

Apply to the GreatAmerica Employee Advised Fund

If you are non-profit organization serving Cedar Rapids/Iowa City, and you have been invited by a GreatAmerica Team member, you may submit an application during our next round of funding (August 30-September 29, 2023) to fund your 501(c)(3) organization project or program. Applications for the GreatAmerica Employee Advised Fund are submitted via SM Apply software (link below) and will include a place for the name and contact information of the GreatAmerica Team member. Please note this fund and application process is separate from the GreatAmerica Donor Advised fund, which accepts applications through the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation.

The project or program for this funding opportunity must fit within the following areas of need:


Health and Human Services

Care for underserved individuals (food, shelter, medical care, etc.)

Arts and Culture

Programs with emphasis on participation


Projects that provide education and or protect the environment (water, land use, recycling, etc.)

Public Projects

Projects for community good such as non-governmental recreational facilities- little league baseball diamonds, volunteer fire department buildings, etc.