What Is HaaR®

Hardware as a Rental combines the best attributes of Hardware as a Service (HaaS) and equipment financing. HaaR gives the customer a one-invoice solution for all hardware, software, installation and services. However, it does NOT require the solution provider to take financial risks associated with HaaS.





The one-of-a-kind combination of HaaS and Financing to bring you the best benefits of both.

Like HaaS

Total Solution

Single Invoice Solution

Op Ex vs. Cap Ex

Unlike HaaS

GreatAmerica risk, not you

GreatAmerica Invoices

Cash flow positive, day one.

How HaaR Works

Just like other As-A-Service models, you offer your client a single monthly payment. With HaaR, you get paid upfront for the project, and we send you the recurring charges monthly when the customer makes their payment.


Top 5 Benefits of Financing

Solution Provider Benefits

Single Invoice Solution

Bundle equipment, software and services on one invoice for your customer. 

Standardization of Stack

Rip and replace with HaaR and ensure every customer has a standard stack.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Create consistent cash flow you can depend on in your business that starts on day one. 

Increased Business Valuation

Bundle your hardware with MRR and improve your business valuation. 


Benefits for Your Customers

Up-to-Speed Technology

Technology is evolving at an accelerated rate. A predictable budget lets them upgrade to stay up-to-speed with technology's pace.

Control IT Costs

A predictable monthly cost is easy to budget for without surprise spending. Understand future technology costs and plan ahead accordingly to scale your service with their growth.

Maximize Efficiency

Proactive support means most problems are fixed before they happen. Even when one does happen, there's less downtime for better peace of mind.

Free Up Cash

Use capital for revenue generating activity rather than big spends on IT equipment. This lets them make the most out of their capex dollars.

HaaR Testimonials

The rental program is perfect for our market place. We are winning deals because of GreatAmerica!

Mark Machan Mark Machan
Division Manager, VIP Technology Solutions

We have been able to improve our clients' technology environment when they did not think they had it in the budget to refresh.

Tasha Hepburn Tasha Hepburn
Operations Director, Solid Networks Inc.

Prior to GreatAmerica, we self-financed up-front project labor and hardware and built it into the service contract. GreatAmerica allows us to offer the same outcome to our clients but with much better margin, and with immediate cash flow.

Josh Oakes Josh Oakes
Executive, NENS

GreatAmerica gives our customers an alternative to acquire our products and services without a large CapEx expenditure. Instead, they get the preferred monthly payment, because it is easier to budget.

Phil Kenealy Phil Kenealy


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