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Zach Basner

The Digital Consumer

Today's buyer has made a dramatic shift in the way they make purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, many companies haven’t adapted to this shift, and are not prepared for the continual evolution of this “digital consumer.” During this keynote, Zach will help bring clarity to the way buyers have changed and exactly what companies must do to, not only align themselves with this shift in buyer patterns but take advantage of the digital age as well.

David Riener and Keven Ellison, AIS

Smarketing Case Study: Solution Provider Panel

Like most organizations today, AIS was experiencing a classic case of misalignment between sales and marketing, hindering their growth.

AIS leadership turned this challenge into an opportunity, driving sales and marketing alignment in order to work together for the benefit of the customer experience and the growth of the business. They've since seen big results! Learn more by viewing this recording!

Stephanie Tran, Revenue River

4 Phases of Win-Win Alignment in Your Marketing and Sales Handoff

In this session, you will learn the 4 thresholds necessary to ensure collaboration and alignment between marketing and sales teams. You will walk away with clear next steps on how you can return to work and get both teams to better align and communicate, ultimately creating a more seamless experience for your prospects to purchase from your company.

Zach Basner, IMPACT

The Selling 7 Video Workshop; Types of Sales & Marketing Videos You Need to Create Today

Zach Basner facilitates a hands-on workshop where he delivers tactical, actionable advice on how you can get started creating and using videos that build trust in your brand and drive revenue!

Dan Kurns, President at Dan Kurns Consulting

Digital Marketing Tactics for the Modern Buyer

In today's market, users are bombarded with sales and marketing messaging so differentiating yourself and your services from the noise is paramount. As you begin to look at your shifting digital marketing mix, you need to know what tools, platforms, and strategies you have available. We'll start by walking through each of the major digital marketing tactics from SEO to social media to paid advertising, all through the lens of connecting your sales and marketing process.

Dominic Pontrelli, Marketing and Strategic Advisor, Pontrelli Marketing

Data Marketing for Sales Enablement

Dealers have a wealth of customer data which will point to
specific market and segment "sweet spots." The objective of
this session is to show how to leverage existing infrastructure (ERP, CRM, and Marketing Automation, for example) to successfully execute and measure aligned sales and marketing campaigns. You’ll learn how to support strategic sales strategies (from net new to expanding within existing accounts) and drive marketing campaigns through existing CRM platforms. Start improving the ROI on your existing infrastructure expenses!

Sally Brause, GreatAmerica Financial and PathShare® HR Services

Recruiting & Retaining Employees

In the digital age and COVID times, it can feel challenging to identify ways to attract candidates to your company, and equally challenging to assess their knowledge, skills, and abilities when you may not be able to meet face to face for an interview. Attend this session to learn how to attract top talent and use the Candidate Journey to your advantage.

Darrell Amy, Convergo

Building Your Ideal Client Description

An ideal client has the potential to buy everything that you sell. These clients represent the future of your business, creating the opportunity to grow revenue quickly. In this session you will learn how to calculate the value of an ideal client. You will learn how to identify your current ideal clients and your ideal prospects.

Corey Kerns, Vice President & General Manager, Collabrance

How to Grow Your Reputation, Sales, and Business with Cybersecurity

Customers need cybersecurity which is essential to their business, and progressive technology providers are capturing increasing opportunities as a “Managed Security Service Provider” in this competitive market. Watch this recorded session to learn how your sales and marketing team can work together to build your reputation, revenue, and business with cybersecurity.

Kara Rudy, MarketDesign Consulting, LLC

Vanity to Value: The One KPI you Need to Measure Sales & Marketing Alignment

Don’t waste your time with vanity metrics about subscribers, email opens, and social media posts. Marketing activity and sales engagement need to be measured on only one KPI. This session will work backwards to share how to calculate the one KPI you need to watch, outline the key metrics that roll into this number, and how the tactics you choose will impact your success.

Rick Lambert, Sell to Win

Amplifying Your Message; LinkedIn to Win

Are your salespeople LINKED IN or OUT? This engaging
presentation features award-winning sales performance coach Rick Lambert’s TOP 10 pro tips to connect with more prospects, create more sales opportunities, and sell to WIN in today’s virtual sales arena. Find out why over 2,000 B2B sales professionals have joined Rick and are now using LinkedIn to WIN!


QBR Best Practices to Keep Customers for a Lifetime

Join Steve Riat as he takes you on a QBR journey.  Steve takes us on a trip through the pitfalls and lessons learned at Nex-Tech.  Get a feel for where they are today and find out exactly how they got there.

Marcus Sheridan, Author of ‘They Ask, You Answer.’

Closing Workshop: Exactly What To Do Next

It can be difficult to know exactly which steps to take next when beginning your transformation to a digital consumer approach. Marcus Sheridan, author of New York Times Best Seller, 'They Ask, You Answer,'  offered a closing workshop where he covered the exact action steps you need to take to begin your digital marketing evolution. Plus, as a bonus, he was joined by our keynote speaker, Zach Basner!


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