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Streamline Monthly Payment Quoting

Quote monthly payments with GreatAmerica and Solutions360

Monthly Payments Made Simple

Stay in the system you use every day for quoting and proposing, include a monthly lease payment on your quotes, and submit them to GreatAmerica. 

The integration uses real-time lease rates to calculate monthly payments based on the terms and purchase options you choose. Those terms are customizable for each of your client’s quotes, and can include your recurring payments monthly payment to present a Hardware as a Service-like solution. 

With this integration you can do the following:

  • Quote multiple finance options
  • Place monthly payments on proposals
  • Bundle hardware payment & SLA monthly payment

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Now Pay For Solutions360 with Monthly Payments

Are you interested in implementing Soutions360 into your System Integrator practice? Turn that up-front capital purchase into cash for your business, and pay for the software over the course of several years.

Learn About AV as a Service

Make Your Quotes Easy to Say “Yes” To!

One mistake Solution Providers make is overlooking the impact of what you chose to include, or not include, on a quote. This eBook reveals three simple updates to make your quotes more appealing and easier for your customers to say “yes” to.

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About Solutions360

Solutions360 is the leading provider of Professional Services Automation software, creating One View of the Business™ for customers.  Our software platform Q360™ is a tightly integrated system that handles all aspects of an Integration company’s business from sales and proposals through to service and dispatch to invoicing and full accounting. Integrated data means immediate access to reporting and relational information that can drive profitability into project management and efficiency into business processes.

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