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Enhance Sales with Digital Credit Applications

Faster credit decisions enhance efficiency through digital app entry

Submitting a Digital Credit Application Through GreatAmerica

As a tech-savvy solution provider, your team wants your customers to see you as a leader in technology. One of the first steps in the sales process is getting the credit application submitted to GreatAmerica. Why not expedite this process using the cutting edge tools available to you? Our digital credit application processes allow for the quickest collection of all the right information, swiftly passing it directly into our credit processing queue, ultimately driving faster credit decisions.

Top 4 Ways to Submit a Credit Application

Integrations with your CRM

Through heavy investments in integrations  with industry recognized CRMs, GreatAmerica embeds the financing process, including digital credit application entry, into the systems you already use.

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Submit digital credit applications using our online info-zone portal. Simply log on from your computer or mobile device, navigate to the credit application, enter your customer’s information, and hit ‘submit.’ 

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Mobile App

Download the SnappShot app to your phone or tablet and quickly submit a credit application from anywhere. Snap a photo of your customer's business card; captured information is used to complete and submit a credit application directly to GreatAmerica. 

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Custom Websites

We can create a website that allows your team or customers to quickly quote payments and submit credit applications. Customized with your logo and color scheme, it's a simple solution for audiences that don't require a login.

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Industry Partners with Digital Credit Application Entry

We bring the financing process directly into your CRM. Submit a credit application without leaving your primary system via our integrations with industry-leading CRMs. Digital application entry is available in the following systems.

Common Questions on the Digital Credit Application Process

Below we answer all your questions surrounding the digital credit application process so you can start getting even faster credit decisions and accelerate your sales cycle. 

"Can I build in an opportunity for others on my team to review completed applications before they are submitted to GreatAmerica?"

"Will my sales desk be able to track the application's progress using digital credit app entry through an integration?"

"Is the learning curve worth changing my current processes?"

Easy Setup In 3 Quick Steps

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