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Automate Each Step in the Financing Process from Credit Application to Document Signature

Streamline Processes and Save your Team Time, Money, and Energy

How Does the AgentDealer Integration Help Me?

GreatAmerica and The Sailor Group, makers of AgentDealer, have recently joined forces to help streamline and automate each step in the financing process from credit application to document signature in order to save your team time, money and energy.  The GreatAmerica and AgentDealer integration now enable you to:
  • Create a quote with rates updated daily
  • Submit a credit application through the AgentDealer portal
  • Check the status of a credit application
  • Generate digital lease documents
  • Obtain a digital signature
  • Retrieve daily lease data updates automatically
  • See executed agreements for current customers

Common Questions

Browse the below FAQs for information on processes, documents and costs for the AgentDealer Integration.

Does GreatAmerica notify me when they receive my credit application?

How do I receive regular lease data updates?

I’m already creating the agreements on my own, why should I use the integration to create digital documents?

If I send an agreement for digital signature how do I know if it’s been signed?

Why should I take advantage of these integrations?

How Can I Get Started?

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About AgentDealer

The Sailor Group is a trusted provider of cloud computing products & services. They are experts in the creation, integration and customization of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, specializing in the use of As an approved partner for, they have many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the and platforms. They help companies of all sizes across many industries to implement, customize and develop solutions to maximize the value of this incredible technology.

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