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AgentDealer Integration Common Questions Answered Blog Feature

By: GreatAmerica on January 5th, 2023

AgentDealer Integration Common Questions Answered

Updated 1/5/2023. Originally published 5/29/20.

Even during a booming economy there are so many obstacles businesses must overcome, but during windows of economic uncertainty, we are especially reminded of the importance of running an operationally efficient business. It's important to be proactive in periodically evaluating processes within your business to understand what is and isn’t working. Think about each step in your team’s workflow and ask yourself which of those steps can be automated. How much time you could save? If you’re running thin on resources and exploring how you can do more with less, technology integrations are a great place to start.

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Our solution providers consistently tell us that finding solutions that streamline day-to-day processes not only benefits them from an efficiency standpoint, but also helps to simplify and streamline the experience their customers have.

GreatAmerica and The Sailor Group, the makers of AgentDealer, consistently work together to help streamline and automate each step in the financing process from credit application to document signature in order to save your team time, money and energy. In this blog, we'll walk through a few of the common questions we receive on regarding GreatAmerica integrations with AgentDealer. Additionally, be sure to watch a demo of our integration with AgentDealer below.

Watch a Demo of the GreatAmerica Integration with AgentDealer

What integrations are available with AgentDealer?

The GreatAmerica and AgentDealer integration enable you to:

  • Create a quote with rates updated daily
  • Submit a credit application through AgentDealer
  • Check the status of a credit application
  • Automatically generate lease agreements
  • Obtain a digital signature
  • Retrieve daily lease data updates automatically

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Does GreatAmerica notify me when they receive my credit application?

Yes, when the credit application is submitted through AgentDealer, the automatic response back from GreatAmerica is the application number. That number, unique to GreatAmerica, can be referenced at any point during the application process, as well as duration of the agreement. If you update application information at any time, those updates will be sent over to GreatAmerica.

How do I receive regular lease data updates?

Fields within the contract such as equipment payment, remaining payments, and even buyout and upgrade information will automatically update on a daily basis through this integration. This means there’s no need for your team to reach out and manually request the information you need to enhance and maintain your customer relationships. Instead, they can stay within the AgentDealer system to obtain all of the contract information needed.

I’m already creating the agreements on my own, why should I use the integration to create the documents?

This integration also facilitates the generation of your GreatAmerica agreement. As opposed to creating agreements manually, which can cause inconsistencies and take up valuable time, you can rely on one true source of information, AgentDealer, to auto-populate the right information and generate an agreement automatically. This ensures the information in your agreement and system always match and makes it quicker and easier to send for digital signature, saving you time and energy closing the deal.

If I send an agreement for digital signature how do I know if it’s been signed?

Once the document has been created within AgentDealer, your team can copy anyone on the email that will need to see, store, or verify the executed agreement. Not only will those copied get an agreement copy emailed to them, but the signer and GreatAmerica will automatically get the executed copy as well, meaning you only have to hit send once.

Why should I take advantage of these integrations?

Think about your process from a customer’s point of view. Does the process put them at the forefront? Does it show that you’re a technology driven company? After you close the deal, will the customer rave about the ease of doing business with your team? Could you benefit from a time savings? If there is room to improve on any of these areas, this integration can help take the customer experience you provide to the next level, while also helping your team increase productivity.

How can I get started?

You don’t need to be enrolled in all of the GreatAmerica AgentDealer integrations to take advantage of one. For example, you can start by adding the lease data updates and submitting a credit application electronically. We can set you up with only those two, while maintaining the flexibility to expand into other integrations, as needed. To get started just reach out to integrations@greatamerica.com or contact your AgentDealer Account Manager. 

In Summary

Being open to adapting our approach is crucial to continue serving our customers in ways that help you the most. Whether you’ve integrated with GreatAmerica in the past or are brand new to integrations and are hoping to expand to create more efficiencies, we encourage you to contact your GreatAmerica representative or email integrations@greatamerica.com for more information on getting started.

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