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Protect Your Customer Base & Create Recurring Revenue for Your Business

Combine equipment, services, and supplies costs to deliver a single, easy-to-pay invoice to your customers!

Casey Lowery of Applied Innovation On Bundling with GreatAmerica

How Does Offering a Bundled Solution Benefit You?

Bundled billing streamlines the billing and invoicing process by combining the financed equipment, any recurring services and supplies costs, plus incremental charges, on one invoice. This benefits you in a number of ways.

How Does a Bundled Solution Benefit Your Customer?

A bundled program will result in a number of helpful benefits to your customers as well!

What Kinds Of Solutions Can Be Bundled?

Offer a comprehensive, all-inclusive payment billed on a single invoice for any of the following services and solutions:

  •  Hardware
  •  Software
  •  Services
  •  Supplies
  •  Specific billing units (i.e. copies, images, seats)