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Billing, Invoicing and Reconciliation Made Easy

Save Time and Increase Accuracy in Your Billing, Invoicing, and Reconciliation Processes!

How Does the ECi e-automate® Integration Help Me?

This integration uses e-automate to streamline processes involved in billing, invoicing, and reconciliation.

Features of this integration:

  • Invoice and Meter Submission
  • Usage Validation
  • Maintenance Validation
  • Automated Cash Posting
  • Contract Validation

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About ECi and e-automate

ECI is the leading ERP provider in the office equipment industry. E-automate works closely in conjunction with its dealer-run Users’ Group comprised of over 400 member companies. Each year, the e-automate Users' Group (EUG) hosts a five-day meeting where attendees receive user-led instruction, discuss better ways to utilize their software and supply critical input that determines the direction of software development. In addition to e-automate’s many training options, you can learn to utilize the software better and how to grow your business from other e-automate users.

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