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Billing, Invoicing and Reconciliation Made Easy

Save Time and Increase Accuracy in Your Billing, Invoicing, and Reconciliation Processes!

New from ECI & GreatAmerica: Pass-Through Automation

 Now you can automate inclusion of miscellaneous charges, as outlined on your agreement, on your customer invoices. In addition to your current bundled payment, automate the billing of things like supply freight fees, IT services, or other service charges onto a single invoice. Eliminate tedious, time-consuming processes like creating separate invoices or submitting charges manually. As a key step in the 1nVOICE systematic process, Pass-Through Automation pulls charges outlined in your agreement from your e-automate system and displays them on your customers' invoice. Finally, a truly automated, single invoice solution!

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How Does the ECi e-automate® Integration Help Me?

This integration uses e-automate to streamline processes involved in billing, invoicing, and reconciliation, with the capability to fully automate the billing processes.

Features of this integration:

  • Invoice and Meter Submission
  • Usage Validation
  • Maintenance Validation
  • Automated Cash Posting
  • Contract Validation
  • Pass-Through Automation

GreatAmerica and ECi e-automate Overview

Applied Innovation on Integrations with GreatAmerica

Casey Lowery of Applied Innovation discusses how integrations with ECI e-automate have helped them streamline their workflows, deliver a better billing experience to their customers, and help drive overall efficiency in their business. 

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About ECi and e-automate

ECI is the leading ERP provider in the office equipment industry. E-automate works closely in conjunction with its dealer-run Users’ Group comprised of over 400 member companies. Each year, the e-automate Users' Group (EUG) hosts a five-day meeting where attendees receive user-led instruction, discuss better ways to utilize their software and supply critical input that determines the direction of software development. In addition to e-automate’s many training options, you can learn to utilize the software better and how to grow your business from other e-automate users.

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