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Usage-Based Programs

Effective cost per, bundled, and rebate solutions in a single invoice 

If You Can Count It, We Can Bill It

Our Cost Per Service programs allow the flexibility to bill in the way your customers consume. Provide a comprehensive, all-inclusive invoice for your products and services offerings while maintaining confidence in our ability to bill and collect on usage based contracts with overages accurately and in a timely manner.

Usage-Based Programs

Usage-Based Programs Overview


Usage-Based Programs help your customers acquire your most profitable products

Watch our short video to determine if our cost per use, bundled service, consumable packages, or rebate programs can help your business capitalize on your equipment and consumables.

Usage-Based Programs

Usage-Based Programs Overview

How Can I Take Advantage of Usage Billing?

Wide Format and Production Print Programs

With our Cost per Square Foot and Cost Per Linear Foot options, you can sell more with a financing program built specifically for the needs of wide format printers.

Cost-Per-Image Programs

Whether you need to bill for copies, images, or clicks, a cost per contract will ensure your meters are tracked and billed. Along with the cost of your equipment, we can bill your customer a bundled payment and also include any overages they may encounter. 

These programs include:

  • Cost Per Image
  • Cost Per Copy
  • Cost Per Click