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Webinar Recording: What's New with WhiteCup and GreatAmerica®

How the New Sherpa CRM Lease Tracker Update Impacts You




What This Webinar Covers

Robin Fonck, Director of Strategic Technology at GreatAmerica hosts Kristen Thom, Director of Product Management at White Cup as they provide an overview of an exclusive new integration enhancement coming to the Sherpa CRM Lease Tracker. In this webinar, Kristen demos how the integration now supports daily lease data updates, automatically sending information, like equipment payment, remaining payments, or buyout and upgrade totals for end-customer contract information, from The GreatAmerica system directly to your Sherpa CRM instance. This completely eliminates the timely, manual upload this step previously required. Kristen and Robin also explain how this update provides an enhanced layer of security in the ever growing environment of increased cyber threats. Watch the recording to learn about this new enhancement, and find out how you can enable this feature in your Sherpa CRM.


Robin Fonck
Director of Strategic Technology, GreatAmerica Financial Services

Kristen Thom
Director of Product Management, White Cup

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Want more transparency into your lease portfolio while making credit application submission and lease document generation easier? With the Sherpa CRM by White Cup and GreatAmerica integration, you can calculate monthly payments based on your specific programs for greater accuracy.

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