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Submit Credit Apps, Generate Lease Docs, and Obtain Signatures Digitally

Remain in Your CRM and Automate Your Sales Process with Our Sherpa CRM by White Cup Technology Integration

How Does the Sherpa CRM by White Cup Integration Help Me?

The GreatAmerica integration with the Sherpa CRM by White Cup provides a completely digital document process and sales process.

Through these integrations, you can now:

  • Create a quote
  • Submit a credit application
  • Check the status of an application
  • Generate digital lease documents
  • Obtain a digital signature
  • Receive lease data updates automatically
New Feature

Automated Daily Lease Data Updates

Our most recent collaboration with White Cup facilitates a daily integration for that sends lease data from the GreatAmerica system to the Sherpa CRM automatically, including updates on equipment payments, remaining payments, or buyout and upgrade totals for end-customer contract information. This enhancement eliminates a manual process and provides an extra layer of protection to the data housed within each system. 

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How the New Sherpa CRM Lease Tracker Update Impacts You



How to Submit a Credit Application via the Sherpa CRM by White Cup

Check out this overview of the digital credit application process through our integration with the Sherpa CRM by White Cup.

Common Questions

Browse the below FAQs for information on processes, documents and costs for the GreatAmerica integration with Sherpa CRM by White Cup.

Why should I bundle all documents into one email for digital signature?

Do ancillary documents have to be sent with the GreatAmerica agreement?

How many documents can be used?

Who embeds the sign codes in the ancillary documents?

Does a credit application need to be submitted in order to allow ancillary documents to be digitally signed with a GreatAmerica agreement?

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