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Inside a Sales Internship at GreatAmerica Blog Feature

By: GreatAmerica on February 20th, 2023

Inside a Sales Internship at GreatAmerica

There are plenty of challenges to overcome when choosing an internship that is right for you. You should be able to make a difference, own your happiness, pave your path, and own your development in any internship or job experience. Let’s dive in to see if a sales internship is right for you.  

Make a Difference 

At GreatAmerica, what you do as an intern matters. Working on projects that bring real value to your team where you can also be part of the bigger picture provides an opportunity for growth. Stereotypical internships where you deliver or make coffee don’t provide you with valuable development, and don’t exist here. Your internship should expose you to real-world scenarios where you can apply your skills to projects you are passionate about. 

Our sales interns spend their time going through sales bootcamp, working on a group capstone project with the marketing interns, shadowing sales reps and making customer calls. They help with prospecting and data cleanup and they benefit from authentic experience that helps them grow, while also aiding their team.  

Blake Seda, co-owner of Wright-Way Trailers, who interned in the spring of 2019 said, “During my internship I mainly called on customers. I was paired with a sales rep and went through a Salesforce list to clean up the accounts. I would call, verify their existence, and then set up appointments with the companies. I learned persistence and the importance of being thorough with research to save everyone’s time.” In a sales internship role, you’re able to find mentorship from various sales representatives and do work that matters.  

Own Your Happiness 

The work environment you’re in directly affects your happiness. Kenadee Dekko, an account manager in the sales development program at GreatAmerica, interned from 2021-2022 and shares this recommendation, “Interview the company as much as they do you. Don’t necessarily pick the first job you come across. Discern and choose somewhere you can grow and be successful; it helps to be around supportive people." There are a few different ways you can determine whether a company is a good opportunity for you: 

  1. Go to the company website and look at their core values and decide if they align with your personal values
  2. Look at the company's mission and vision 
  3. Use resources like Glassdoor and LinkedIn to see reviews of the company from employees
  4. If able, reach out to previous interns to learn about their personal experience 

Our interns own their happiness by engaging with their coworkers and fellow interns. Jax Dormire, a sales intern during summer 2022, describes his experience with leadership, “The leaders are friendly, nice, and approachable. They want the best for interns and to help develop them both professionally and personally. The way the office is set up makes me feel like I can approach anyone with questions. It's a good atmosphere and I’ve had lots of options for shadowing. I’m excited to get out of my comfort zone and make calls.” At GreatAmerica, we know it’s important for interns to have the opportunity for mentorship, to enjoy their work environment, and be excited for the future.  

Pave Your Path 

An internship is one of the first steps on your path to success. It’s an opportunity to grow and to decide what you like and where you’d like to go in your career. 

Kenadee shares, “My internship was a great way to transition from college to the professional world. I gained interview experience, developed my professionalism, learned how to interact with coworkers and mastered technical skills. I had the opportunity to meet a variety of people in different units of the company and I appreciate the supportive environment.” One of our ten principles is to create opportunities for growth and take charge of the future. As an intern you are in a position to prepare yourself for the professional world.  

Our interns can either continue to grow with us after graduation in full time positions or go on to follow their dreams elsewhere. After graduation, Kenadee took on a full-time role at GreatAmerica and recently promoted to an Account Manager. 

Own Your Development 

Your growth and development are up to you. Put yourself in situations where you can flourish and surround yourself with leaders who support you. It’s harder to develop if you don’t put yourself into an environment that focuses on personal and professional growth.    

Mitch Leahy, former intern and now Vice President & Managing Director of Sales for the Office Equipment Group at GreatAmerica says, “Have a desire to learn and be naturally curious. Be proactive in reaching out and willing to ask questions, just go ahead and ask. There’s plenty of people here who are willing to help you learn and grow.” Take a chance on yourself and take charge of your development.  

Blake adds, “Find a mentor and learn from them. Absorb what they teach you, a good mentor will invest in you, and you can learn a lot from them.” Our leadership team has a genuine interest in the success of each team member and motivates them to challenge themselves every day. You can flourish in this kind of environment and be one step closer to reaching your goals.  

Is a sales internship right for you? 

Make a difference, own your happiness, pave your path and own your development in a business internship. If you’re looking for these qualities in an internship and are interested in sales, visit our careers page and browse our open opportunities. 


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