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Make a Difference, Own Your Happiness, Make Your Path and Own Your Development at GreatAmerica. 

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Below are the various types of internships available at GreatAmerica. 


At GreatAmerica, our mission is to help our customers achieve greater success and that extends to you, our candidate! Here are answers to frequently asked questions to help you feel prepared.

How do I apply for an internship?

Are internships paid positions?

When should I expect to hear back about next steps following an application or interview?

What should I expect during my interview?

How should I prepare for my interview?

What is GreatAmerica looking for?

Can I earn college credit?

I do not see a role that I’m interested in listed on your Current Job Openings page. What should I do?

"To this day, GreatAmerica is the best company I've worked for and I'm grateful for the opportunities I had."

Mallory Hynes
Mallory Hynes, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Credera 2013 GreatAmerica Intern

"I continued on with GreatAmerica to reach my personal career goals and because I know that each employee is more than willing to help me get there."

Jax Dormire, Account Manager - Sales Development Program, GreatAmerica 2022-2023 GreatAmerica Intern
Created by interns

About the Intern Pages

The Intern Life pages are a great example of what an internship project can look like. The 2022 summer marketing interns put these pages together, fulfilling a long-time dream of the HR team at GreatAmerica. Anna Hertz, marketing intern, headed this project and was supported by fellow interns Madison Vestweber and Kate Burns. Hopefully these pages help you find the information you need to determine whether a GreatAmerica internship is a good fit for you! 


Where our Interns Come From

Over the years, our past and current interns have come to us from a variety of colleges and universities. 

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