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Preparing For Your Digital Transformation

Smarketing Event Update

We've been tracking the CDC’s data on COVID-19, and have decided to pursue new dates and formats for our Smarketing Event, originally scheduled to take place on May 19th and 20th.

 To be notified of our new dates, times and to register for our re-imagined event, sign up for the wait list below.


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Grow Revenue By Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Efforts

Reschedule Date Pending


Bridge the gap between sales and marketing to better compete, enable sales success and capture the digital buyer opportunity!

  • Attract warmer leads and drive more sales
  • Have a shared strategy and focus energy on it
  • Track ROI more effectively
  • Generate the right content at the right time, shortening sales cycles
  • Provide a more cohesive customer experience

Why Attend?

Do you have a clear understanding of why your business must adapt a modern sales and marketing approach? If your sales and marketing aren't evolving and aligning, you might be missing out on capturing today's digital buyer. That's why we've curated an event to help you prepare for this enormous opportunity. Attend this special event to gain awareness of tools and resources available to begin your transformation, and actionable steps to better align your sales and marketing.

Who Should Come?

This program will provide value for anyone, however, we especially encourage participation from sales and marketing leadership, as well as c-level roles, in order to make the most impact in your organization!

How Much Does Smarketing Cost?

Seats can be reserved for only $599/per person. 

Event Keynote

The Digital Consumer: Today's buyer has made a dramatic shift in the way they make purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, many companies haven’t adapted to this shift, and are not prepared for the continual evolution of this “digital consumer.” During this keynote, Zach will help bring clarity to the way buyers have changed and exactly what companies must do to, not only align themselves with this shift in buyer patterns but take advantage of the digital age as well.  

The Selling 7 Workshop: Types of Sales & Marketing Videos You Need to Create Today
Video is a fundamental piece of a marketing strategy. During this workshop, attendees will learn easy steps that make a great video, and seven examples that will help you advance your conversations, marketing and sales process. 

Zach Basner, Director of Inbound Training and Video Strategy at IMPACT

Zach trains sales, marketing, and leadership teams to embrace a culture of inbound within their organizations, empowering them to become the most trusted voice in their respective industries. A charismatic, highly sought-after speaker and consultant, Zach is known for his singular talent for inspiring audiences — both on stage and in the boardroom. He challenges business leaders and teams to discover new ways to connect with their buyers, build trust, and, ultimately, increase revenue. Zach is also the co-host of Film School for Marketers, a video show and podcast featuring expert insights on video content strategy, video production, video in the sales process, and more.

Educational Sessions

  • Technology Dealer Case Study: Smarketing with AIS
  • Sales Enablement: Integrating Sales & Marketing
  • Amplifying Your Message: LinkedIn to Win

Vertical Breakouts (Choose Your Tracks)

  • Digital Marketing Tactics: SEO, Social, Email & Blogs
  • Digital Performance Activity: Metrics & KPIs
  • Building Your Team: Attracting & Retaining Talent
  • Cyber Security: Promoting Your Opportunities & Positioning Your Sale

Workshops (Optional)

  • Create Your Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Stay Engaged with QBRs & Customer Retention

Meet Your Speakers

Dealer Case Study

Keven Ellison, Vice President Marketing at AIS

kellison 300 x 300

Over the last 20+ years, Keven has had a passion in all areas of traditional and digital marketing. His main focus is how the consumer or decision makers see brands in order to develop successful programs to meet them on their turf. Prior to AIS, Keven has held senior marketing and communication posts in Financial Services, Technology, Communications, Biotech and Lead Generation industries from start-ups to privately held and pubic companies. Today he’s building a team to further the growth of AIS to become a leading brand in office technology.  Ellison recently received industry accolades as one of ENX Margazine’s Difference Makers, AIS’ 2019 Geary Award for Executive of the year, IMPACT’s 2019 Inbound Marketing award.

David Riener, Vice President of Sales at AIS


Over the last 20+ years, David has been called upon to build sales capability, re-energize underperforming teams and take effective teams to the next level; driving growth in sales, revenue and overall profitability.  Currently, David is the Vice President of Sales – California at AIS, focusing on strengthening the sales teams and growing AIS’s market share in Southern California.  David received his BA from The University of Texas at Austin, MBA from The University of Texas at San Antonio and is a MAPP (Master’s in Applied Psychology) candidate at The University of Southern California. 

Digital Marketing Tactics for the Modern Buyer

Dan Kurns, President at Dan Kurns Consulting

DanKurnsHeadshot220For over 12 years, Dan Kurns has been in the Digital Marketing and Strategy space developing online presences in a variety of industries and agencies such as agriculture, technology, healthcare and other B2B spaces. Dan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, with a passion for SEO and SEM, to help clients create healthy, sustainable digital growth. Dan has worked with Collabrance since 2017 as a digital marketing consultant. Most recently, Dan presented as the digital marketing expert at the Collabrance Sales & Marketing Summit for MSPs in September 2019. He currently presents the Collabrance marketing webinar series "MSP Digital Marketing Insights."

How to Grow Your Reputation, Sales and Business with Cyber Security

Corey Kerns, Vice President & General Manager at Collabrance

CKerns-800x800Corey Kerns is responsible for the overall vision at Collabrance, and oversees sales, marketing, operations, strategic leadership and financial performance. In 2015, Corey joined Collabrance as the Senior Finance and Operations Analyst. In this role, Corey was responsible for developing and monitoring key performance indicators, as well as assisting in the evaluation of profitability, efficiency and automation strategies. Corey first started at GreatAmerica in 2011 and served as the Senior Business Unit Analyst for the Connected Technology Group. In this role, Corey led all activities with respect to financial controls and evaluating the financial implications of the business unit’s operating strategy. Corey received his B.A. in Business Administration from Wartburg College and earned an M.B.A. from the University of Iowa.

Recruiting & Retaining Employees

Arial Montag, GreatAmerica Financial (previously with PathShare® HR Services)

AMontag 2017 (23) squArial Montag is a Human Resources professional leading GreatAmerica Financial Services Talent Acquisition efforts, where she provides strategic leadership in the areas of employment branding, position advertising, candidate sourcing, employment testing, interviewing, assessments, and college relations. Arial is certified by the Society for Human Resource Management as a Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), and she is a certified AVA Analyst through AVA Associates. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Sciences and Psychology at Coe College and her Master of Organizational Leadership through St. Ambrose University. Arial was named an industry “Difference Maker” in ENX Magazine and was also named as an industry “Young Influencer” in The Cannata Report in 2018.

LinkedIn To Win

Rick Lambert, Founder & CEO at Sell to Win


Rick Lambert is an award winning sales performance coach who is the founder and CEO of selltowin.com a company that has trained over 25,000 B2B sales people and specializes in new hire and advanced sales training for Managed Service Providers. Rick is also the CEO of IN2communications.com, a full service digital marketing agency that helps MSPs engage and connect their brand with today’s digital buyer. Rick’s companies combine training and digital marketing to form what he calls Sales Offense Systems.

In 2018, Rick was selected an Industry difference maker by ENX Magazine and in 2019, SAP selected the selltowin eCademy on demand learning platform as global winner of “Best Channel Training Partner”. Rick’s clients include OEMs, Distributors, MPS Infrastructure providers and many of North America’s top performing technology resellers.

Vanity to Value: The One KPI you Need to Measure Sales & Marketing Alignment

Kara Rudy - MarketDesign Consulting, LLC

Kara Rudy 400x400Kara is lovingly referred to by her peers as the "best-in-class IT marketer," pun intended. As a once Director of Digital Marketing for a global IT reseller, turned IT Marketing Consultant, Kara couples a deep technical knowledge of the IT industry with the intricacies of successful marketing strategy and execution. With nearly 15 years of IT marketing experience, Kara founded MarketDesign to work with IT resellers, MSPs, and SaaS organizations across the US to differentiate their brands and build their marketing lead generation engine. In her downtime, Kara spends time with her husband and three small children cheering for the Syracuse Orange, her home-town college team.

QBR Best Practices to Keep Customers for a Lifetime

Steve Riat, Director of Sales at Nex-Tech

Steve Riat

Steve Riat is Nex-Tech’s Director of Sales and is known for his unique ability to integrate business and technology. Steve has more than two decades of business technology experience working directly with companies from around the world and brings the best of that back to the Midwest.

Creating Your Strategic Marketing Plan

Dominic Pontrelli, Marketing and Strategic Advisor at Pontrelli Marketing


Dominic is a top-performing and results-driven FG500 Marketing and Sales Executive. With 17 years of Marketing leadership experience and 17 years of Sales leadership experience at the corporate level, Dominic has demonstrated the unique ability to align Marketing and Sales efforts to successfully execute common strategic growth initiatives. Dominic retired from Ricoh, as Senior Vice President, Americas Marketing, after 34 years of tenured service within the Ricoh Family Group in January 2015.

Pontrelli Marketing was formed in February, 2015. Dominic now focuses his efforts on the development of a comprehensive Marketing Foundation within the OED channel. The Pontrelli Marketing process is proven at the corporate level and independent dealer level within the document industry. The goal is to leverage existing, ERP, CRM, Website and Marketing Automation platforms, to measure a return against investments in place. Dominic is uniquely positioned as an outsourced Virtual Marketing Officer (VMO), to enhance Marketing capabilities and drive strategic revenue initiatives through Data Marketing and Target Marketing campaign efforts.

4 Phases of Win-Win Alignment in Your Marketing and Sales Handoff

Stephanie Tran, Sales Enablement Manager at Revenue River

Stephanie Tran Headshopt

As Sr. Sales Enablement Manager at Revenue River, Stephanie uses her arsenal of knowledge and strategies in sales enablement to help client sales teams close faster, more efficiently, and with less hassle. Since 2015, she’s worked with both marketing and sales teams across dozens of verticals, designed and built award-winning sales systems, trained hundreds of sales reps on new and improved sales processes, and continues to work with marketers and salespeople to better align their strategies and goals. Alongside her team of marketing, sales enablement, and all-things digital experts, she designs sales strategies that solve for challenges like too-long sales cycles, low close rates, lack of prospect engagement, and tech stack use.

More speakers to come!