A Day in the Life: Sales Support Specialist | GreatAmerica Blog Feature

By: GreatAmerica on July 8th, 2022

A Day in the Life: Sales Support Specialist | GreatAmerica

What is it like to be a Sales Support Specialist at GreatAmerica?

As my day starts, I grab a hot tea, convert my desk into a standing desk, and log in. I prioritize my tasks for the day by reviewing the active task log while answering any phone calls that come in. The task log provides me with visibility to credit decisions that require my immediate attention. Once I finish sending credit decisions, I then dive into Salesforce.

Salesforce is our customer relationship management system (CRM) that helps track and manage customer requests . For example, I could review document packages for funding, submit credit applications, generate agreements, pull end-of-term quotes, communicate funding statuses, prepare custom reports, and more – all from one system.

The next step in my day is to prepare for any meetings I have scheduled. Twice a week my co-workers and leader have a “Team Huddle” to review our monthly goals and any other important items, such as unique programs, rate updates, or our sales representative’s travel schedule. After the business items have been discussed we make sure to always include time for some team fun! In fact, making time for fun is one of our company principles.

I like connecting with my team’s sales reps for whom I provide support. We recently added two new reps who are becoming acclimated with our customers. To help them get up to speed, we have been working together on reviewing vendor-specific programs that we currently have in place and finding ways to create more value for our customers. Additionally, I have been scheduling MS Teams video calls with our current vendors to make introductions. This gives us an opportunity to review the current health of our relationship and discuss our unique integration offerings, promos, and vendor-specific programs to help them reach their goals and strengthen our relationship.

In between vendor calls, I monitor my email, active task log, and salesforce, assist in creating rate cards, program agreements and program changes by working with our legal team and follow up on all the details needed to keep our team current and our customers happy. Our top priority at GreatAmerica is helping our customers grow their businesses. For this reason, it is important that I respond and complete requests in a timely manner and answer the phone within two rings with a smile in my voice. I know it seems like a lot, but I have adapted to the fast pace of the workday and it is extremely rewarding.

Later in the day, I wrap up any outstanding requests and connect with our sales reps again to see if there are any follow-up items. After we debrief, I look at our team’s daily activity and accomplishments and recognize individuals or functions within the team via our MS Teams group chat. For example, I will recognize the Document Specialists’ efforts for the day for the amount of money funded and share any praises our customers gave about the team to remind them that their excellent work is noticed.

Celebrating both big and small wins is the perfect way to end each day. Though no two days are the same, the passion, drive, and dedication our team has makes me proud to be a GreatAmerican. I truly have the best job!


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