PathShare® HR Services – Celebrating 15 Years of HR Consulting Blog Feature

By: GreatAmerica on August 8th, 2023

PathShare® HR Services – Celebrating 15 Years of HR Consulting

PathShare® HR Services is celebrating 15 years of business this year – let’s explore what PathShare is, why they started and how they can elevate your business.  

PathShare® HR Services history 

PathShare is a division of GreatAmerica that opened its doors in 2008. Many people ask, “Why would a finance company offer human resources services?” Fair question! The answer is core to how GreatAmerica approaches the customer relationship: Our mission at GreatAmerica is to help our customers achieve greater success. People are a key part of the success of any company, and that has certainly been the case with GreatAmerica. Our customers at the time were struggling with their hiring practices and had asked GreatAmerica  how we were able to hire and keep our top talent.  It was flattering to be known for our people and culture, and we wanted to help our customers, so we started sharing the path to HR and Organizational Development success. Hence the name PathShare.   

GreatAmerica is always looking for more ways to help our customers – PathShare is yet another example of this.  

What HR consulting services does PathShare offer? 

If you are searching for an expert on the human side of your business, PathShare is your answer! From hiring the right talent to building a dynamic company culture – PathShare is here to help with HR consulting and training.  PathShare focuses on 5 key areas of your business:

1. Hiring 

Hiring is a challenging part of any business and is consistently among the top challenges reported by GreatAmerica customers in recent years. PathShare HR Services helps increase the likelihood of hiring the right people by focusing on a hiring process that meets your business needs.  

PathShare helps to identify what the ideal candidate looks like for the role within your business, looks for ways to find those candidates, and shares how to engage with candidates on their level. Once you’ve found qualified candidates, PathShare helps to further qualify their knowledge, skills, and behaviors with a variety of assessments. Finally, PathShare helps you bring them into your organization successfully by providing insight into how to build your offer and transition them to be part of your team. 

2. Training

Whether you're hiring industry veterans or new raw talent – your team needs the best training to help them maintain positive interactions with customers every time.  Training solutions include recruiting and interview training for hiring managers, sales training, and customer service training.

3. Retaining top talent

Once you find, recruit, and hire talent for your business, you have to work diligently to retain those top performers. PathShare recommends a stay interview process focused on proactive conversations to avoid the exit interview. PathShare will work to help you implement this process and train your managers on the best way to engage in these conversations and ensure you and your team members are happy and set up for long-term success. 

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4. Cultivating company culture

Company culture impacts your ability to recruit and retain top talent, but its impact doesn’t stop there. Your culture affects your relationship with your customers, your ability to implement your business plans, and even your bottom-line financial success. 

PathShare assists with improving your company culture by building stronger employee engagement, further clarifying your company values, and bringing increased focus of company vision and goals to create organizational alignment. 

5. Organizational development 

Successful leaders and organizations know there is always room for improvement. Ensuring every part of your organization is aligned to achieve business goals will accelerate results.  PathShare helps your business focus on the key drivers needed for success by using tools like the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®), strategic planning, leadership development, and succession planning.  

No matter what your long-term plan involves, having the leadership structure, skills, and resources in place to sustain strong performance is the key to reaching your goals faster. 

What business is an ideal match for PathShare® HR Services? 

If the following are true, then there’s a good chance your business, your needs and PathShare align well for success:  

  • You are open to change 
  • You are a key driver in your business  
  • You see employees as your greatest asset 
  • You value using processes to support your business in attaining predictable, consistent results 
  • You nor your team have the time nor specific talent to make some of these changes, develop these processes, or write and deliver the training needed 

If you have any questions about PathShare – or you would like to learn more, visit the PathShare website below! 

Learn more about PathShare


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