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Melissa Boals

By: Melissa Boals on June 1st, 2021

A Day in the Life of an Account Support Advisor

Meet Melissa

What does a typical day as an Account Support Advisor (ASA) at GreatAmerica look like? What a tough question since each day can present a new set of challenges!

Upon arriving at my office (currently located in my basement guest room), I get logged into my systems and phone since these incoming requests drive my daily activities. I also take a quick look over the email queue I share with the other ASA on my team to see what items are already waiting for our attention. A few days a week, my team has a quick huddle. This time is used to share our progress toward our team goals and make time for a little fun with each other.

Since I work on one of the core teams at GreatAmerica with the Northeast Region of the US as our territory, I need to be ready to hit the ground running! We usually start receiving incoming calls and emails right away. I average around 25 calls a day and can address a wide variety of questions – from trouble shooting billing issues to helping close out agreements. And at GreatAmerica, we always answer the phone within two rings with a smile in our voice! This is one of my favorite parts of my job, as callers are usually delighted to get a live person right away and not have to navigate an IVR to get help.

Between calls, I keep an eye on our team’s ASA email queue and respond to an average of 30 emails daily. I work closely with the other ASA on my team to process all requests within our targeted response time of one hour. Items in the queue can be generated by emails directly from our end users or vendors, requests made on our website or mail received. I also watch for any responses to emails I have previously sent in case someone is returning a requested document or has a follow-up question. It can be a juggling act, for sure!

Additionally, the ASA role is extremely collaborative. While many of our requests come directly from end users, we are also in constant contact with our vendors as we process requests that span almost the entire life cycle of a lease. I also work closely with GreatAmericans across the company, from our support teams to members of other functions within my own team. We are solution driven and offer many options to our customers to meet almost any need in leasing, and I serve as the point person to get these requests to the team member that can affect the change.

At the end of my day, as businesses on the East Coast close and incoming requests slow, I follow up on any outstanding items. This includes reaching back out to customers I have requested information from, or sending out items I have requested from other departments. Once these are complete, I take one last look to make sure nothing urgent requires my attention before logging out for the day. And while each day as an ASA can look a little different, I am excited to log back in each morning to put my problem-solving skills to use on the new challenges that await. Does the fast-pace and strategic problem-solving involved with the ASA role interest you? Check out our current openings here, and get one step closer to making this your reality.

Melissa Boals

Melissa works as an Account Support Advisor (ASA) in GreatAmerica's Office Equipment Group, where she enjoys the fast-paced solution-oriented atmosphere.