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Saving You Time and Money Using a CPQ Quoting Service Blog Feature

By: GreatAmerica on March 7th, 2023

Saving You Time and Money Using a CPQ Quoting Service

Over the past 20-25 years, technology has gone from helpful to critical. Technology is saving money, saving lives, and has become such an essential element of our day-to-day, we can hardly imagine a world without it. 

What’s the first thing you do when you get into work? For many of us, we get a cup of joe and begin to filter through emails. It’s hard to even imagine doing business without a computer or the applications that drive our businesses.  

The right technologies can seamlessly connect the platforms we use day in and day out, to help us carry out our work faster and with more accuracy. On the contrary, when you are forced to hop from system to system, your work takes longer, and you increase your risk of errors. At GreatAmerica, we understand the pain of having to log in and out of various systems or portals. That’s why we invest heavily in building integrations with the systems you use every day.  

The value of technologies working together 

We don’t always judge the applications we use every day by how useful they are on their own, but rather by how well they work with other applications and ultimately how much time they save. Tech providers, like you, are aware of this as you deploy solutions for customers. Does the phone system come with telepresence? Can a user on a virtual desktop still run a line of business applications? Can a user start a video conference directly from their calendar? At GreatAmerica, we ask: can you add a finance payment to your quotes and proposals, submit a credit application, get documents signed, and receive easy, timely payment? 

Keeping MSPs and unified communications at the forefront of our quoting integrations 

When we started working with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Unified Communications resellers, we knew they wouldn’t offer technology equipment financing unless it was integrated into their processes and systems. That is how our first monthly payment quoting integration was born in 2011. Fast forward twelve years, and we now have monthly quoting integrations with several industry-leading tools. Thanks to feedback from IT solution providers like you, we are introducing new features all the time. 


Benefits of integrating your quoting, billing, and ticketing tools 

Our customers are constantly realizing the benefits of integrating your quoting, billing, and ticketing tools with GreatAmerica. We asked Brandon Hartke of Xfer Communications how the GreatAmerica integrations have impacted him and his business: 

Hartke talks about working with GreatAmerica and says, “it goes through a process in a way that works the way we want to work... the integrations are just there, part of the system. They take our input and really help work how we want to work with your tools.” He continued, “You (GreatAmerica) meet us where we are delivering to the customer and it’s really a good experience because it allows us to win more deals... to be a little bit more hands-on with our customers knowing we have the support of GreatAmerica and the integration into our tools." 

Today’s IT buyers have come to expect financing as an option. In fact, in a recent survey of IT buyers conducted by GreatAmerica, 68% (with 38% strongly agreeing) prefer to work with a vendor that provides a total solution including financing.  

Cut your quoting time in half with a quoting service 

Hartke talks about saving time for his team, which allows them to spend their time more strategically with their customers. That is on top of the time-savings you get just from using quoting tools like QuoteWerks or ConnectWise Sell, who say their customers typically cut their quoting time in half when they go from manually preparing quotes to using a configure, price, quote (CPQ) tool. 


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