2022 Software Financing Trends Blog Feature

By: GreatAmerica on May 27th, 2022

2022 Software Financing Trends

While supply chain challenges have made shortages inevitable across technology products, software and cloud-based solutions have been the exception. Technology providers that are increasing focus on software solutions for their customers are the companies winning right now. For GreatAmerica Financial Services, this begs the question: how can monthly payments help with software sales? 

Software purchases are expensive for your customers and making that purchase doesn’t always align with their budget or company growth goals. Yet with looming cyber threats at every corner, the demand for software that defends and protects the network is higher than ever. Offering financing can be a valuable solution, as it allows your customers to acquire the software, or other technology solutions they need, via a monthly payment. This approach allows them to reserve their capital for acquisitions, staffing, marketing, and any other higher priority initiatives.  

Read on to learn more about how one partner is utilizing financing to close more software sales. We’ll also explore the types of cybersecurity software your customers may wish to explore via a monthly payment. 

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From Software Quote to Closed Deal 

We caught up with our partner, Tim, who explained that customers are more accepting of monthly payments for software and hardware now that subscriptions have become commonplace for consumers (think: Netflix, exercise bike financing, and Amazon Prime). He shared a recent experience he had with a customer who either didn’t have the capital to pay for the software upfront, or didn’t want to allocate their capital to make a security software purchase. Tim knew financing with a monthly payment could be an ideal solution for them.  

When it comes to bringing up financing with your customer, Tim offered some additional advice:  

“For a small to medium sized business, I gauge the customer. If they're hot on the product, but they back away when cost is discussed, it tells me they either don't want to put that money away right up front or they don't want to spend that money right away. You kind of sense it. You can then ask them, 'If we were able to get the cost down to a manageable monthly payment with financing, would that help you?’ For many businesses that size, financing just makes sense.”  

By selling via a monthly payment, Tim is able to enhance his selling motion because his customers appreciate how it softens the blow to their cash flow. 

Cyber Security Software on the Rise 

As cyber threats continue to rise, it’s no surprise we’ve seen an increase in cyber security software financing over the past two years. The fact of the matter is, cyber security is no longer a nice to have, but a need to have. With increased legislation and focus around cyber insurance, your customers should be evaluating their cyber security posture. As a technology provider, you have the opportunity to supply them with a solution. There are a number of options you can explore when it comes to reselling cyber security software, and here is a sample list of solutions we’ve seen customers evaluate: 

  • CrowdStrike 
  • Palo Alto Networks 
  • Tenable 
  • Carbon Black 
  • Barracuda 
  • Sophos 
  • Forcepoint Web Security 
  • McAfee 
  • Fortinet 

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In Summary 

In today’s environment of increased inflation and product scarcity, selling cybersecurity using a monthly payment approach is especially valuable. Financing makes it easy for your customers to get the cyber security protection they need, and a monthly payment mitigates the cost objection your sales reps often face. It also positively impacts cash flow for both you and your customer.  

GreatAmerica funds your transactions upon installation and customer verification of delivery, which can often be on the same day. If you’re interested in leveraging financing to sell software solutions, please visit our website here.   


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