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By: Scott Cullen
October 20th, 2019

MPS, MNS, and Production Print Score High in The Cannata Report’s Annual Dealer Survey, but Security is Coming on Strong.

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By: Mallory Hynes
January 13th, 2019

I kickoff my day by filling up my 30oz Yeti, a GreatAmerica holiday present, with water – hydration is key! I’ve already had my coffee on my commute in from Iowa City with my various podcasts queued up for the ride. (Tip: if you’re looking for podcasts related to recruiting, hiring, and the like, checkout Recruiting Future or HBR Ideacast).

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By: Jackie Schmid
October 3rd, 2016

As the Cedar River returns to its banks, Cedar Rapids is slowly returning to normal; so is GreatAmerica. After a week away, team members enthusiastically filtered back into the GreatAmerica building earlier this week. Typically silent elevator rides were buzzing with chatter of the past week’s displacement and excitement. Though it was abnormal for the hundreds of GreatAmericans to not work from our offices, it went unnoticed by the thousands of customers we interacted with that week. We have the work of our business continuity team to thank for that.

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