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Helping Medical Equipment Manufacturers Sell More

Finance Programs and Solutions to make it easier for your dealers and distributors to sell equipment.

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Create a Competitive Advantage with Effective Finance Solutions

Our goal is to solve your daily problems. Our solutions are built with your on-the-go sales style in mind. We make every step in the process from demo to install, easy.

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition By Offering a Finance Program That Supports Your Sales Channels

The medical equipment business is competitive. Differentiate your brand and control price with a manufactured sponsored program.

Why Partner with GreatAmerica?

Because one size does not fit all.

That’s why we invest so much into our partner relationships, and why so many equipment manufacturers, distributors, and dealers choose GreatAmerica over other companies

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Financing is Good for Your Brand

Having the right finance partner is important to sales, and GreatAmerica wants you to be more successful.  Incorporating an effective finance program into your sales organizations and dealer networks allows them to sell more equipment at higher margins by bundling the services and accessories all into one monthly payment. 

Reduce risk and eliminate the need for collections. GreatAmerica pays the invoice as soon as the equipment is delivered. 

Create a seamless purchase process with a branded finance program that supports your sales channels. 

Boost Your Sales with Effective Financing.

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