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Do Your Customers Have a Print-From-Home Security Blind Spot?

Educate Your Customers on Secure At-Home Printing and Increase Marketshare with this Free Toolkit


Download Our Free MPSecure Marketing Toolkit

There's more demand than ever for education and solutions that optimize the remote work environment for productivity and security. You have an opportunity to deliver these solutions and serve as a trusted adviser as you educate your customers on the risks of using unmanaged print devices. This toolkit makes it simple to market your solution.

Download the marketing toolkit and receive: 

  • Flyer: Customize this flyer with your logo and distribute it to your customers and prospects.
  • Video: Embed this video on your website, or share to promote your offering on social media.
  • Email Template: A well crafted email-talk track you can use to target the inboxes of your prospects.
  • Whitepaper: Provide your customers and prospects a deep dive, generating interest and leads for your secure print offering. 
  • Social Media Post: Use a pre-crafted social media graphic and post to educate your audience and drive awareness around the importance of secure printing from remote locations.


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