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By: GreatAmerica on April 18th, 2024

Offer Finance Payments with GreatAmerica Billing Integration

Updated 4/12/2024. Originally posted 12/8/2022.

There’s nothing worse than billing processes that involve wasteful double-entry and time-consuming methods of billing for usage. 

Whether you are an office equipment dealer selling copiers on cost-per-copy finance agreements, or a managed service provider needing to easily bill and invoice for an ever-changing array of software, hardware, and as-a-service solutions, the administrative process you follow has a large impact on your bottom line, be it positive or negative.  

For well over a decade, GreatAmerica Financial Services has built and expanded upon our comprehensive billing infrastructure to support solution providers selling a wide range of technology and as-a-service offerings. We’ve been deliberate in developing integrations with leading ERP software providers serving the imaging and technology channels. This blog will hone in on three specific
integrations with ECI e-automate®, ConnectWise, and CEO Juice. 

What Does Our ECI e-automate® Integration Do? 

This integration uses e-automate® to streamline processes involved in billing, invoicing, and reconciliation, with the capability to fully automate the billing processes. 
Features of this integration: 

  • Invoice and meter submission 
  • Usage validation 
  • Maintenance validation 
  • Automated cash posting
  • Contract validation 
  • Pass-through automation 

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What Do Our ConnectWise Integrations Do?  

We have two integrations through ConnectWise; ConnectWise Sell and ConnectWise Manage. Through these integrations, we can streamline the financing process, automating otherwise cumbersome steps involved in submitting credit applications and billing variable charges. 

Features of ConnectWise Manage are as follows: 

  • Credit application submission 
    With one click, pass your opportunity details to GreatAmerica for a credit check. Additionally, view the credit status through the opportunity. 
  • Flexible invoicing 
    Update your variable charges in ConnectWise and let GreatAmerica bill them for you.   
  • Delinquency reporting 
    Get notified when clients are not paid in full and view real-time customer payment statuses   
  • Cash posting 
    Send your ConnectWise invoice numbers to us so that we can pass those back to you in remittance data. 
  • Master MSP ticket automation 
    Collaboratively work with Collabrance Master MSP on customer tickets   

Features of ConnectWise Sell are as follows:  

  • Quote multiple finance options 
  • Place monthly payments on proposals 
  • Bundle hardware payment & SLA monthly payment 

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What Does our CEO Juice Integration Do? 

CEO Juice mitigates manual steps and makes managing your GreatAmerica portfolio simple by creating a bridge to pass information from the ERP systems our customers use, like ConnectWise and ECI e-automate®, to the GreatAmerica system. This connection makes it easy to compare GreatAmerica lease data with any contract details stored in the ERP. The integration also highlights discrepancies, making it simple to update your ERP with the most current lease information without the need to manually adjust each contract.   

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How Do Our Solution Providers Use These Integrations? 

Depending on the types of products, solutions and services our providers sell, we’ve recommended using some or all of these integrations together. We asked some of our most trusted customers how they are currently using these integrations and what benefits they’ve seen. 

Chelsey Bode – CEO, Pearson Kelley Technology 

Chelsey Bode

As Pearson Kelly evolved their solutions catalog, they found a need for more systems and various applications to manage their workflows, particularly those involving billing and invoicing for different kinds of services and products. 

“Our transformation brought light to just how important it is to have business partners who want to grow with you. GreatAmerica is forward thinking and hyper-focused on investing in their technology infrastructure in order to better support their growing customers.  

Prior to doing business with GreatAmerica, we were running two separate ERPs, which is very difficult and time-consuming. As we began doing more business with GreatAmerica, we started leveraging several of their integrations, including three that have been transformative to managing the billing and invoicing processes for the various services and solutions we offer. Using their billing integrations through e-automate®, ConnectWise Manage / ConnectWise Sell, and CEO Juice, we’ve been able to pull everything we need into one repository which has been instrumental in helping us scale and create repeatable practices that make us faster and smarter. Prior to implementing these integrations, the manual work required to carry out these processes meant opportunities for errors and lost time. It has been fantastic to see the automation mitigate so many of these errors and really maximize not only our productivity but also the customer experience through enhanced billing accuracy.” 

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Erin Williams – Contracts Management, Usherwood Office Technology 

 Erin Williams

Usherwood Office Technology has also seen a lift in their billing and invoicing processes as a result of the ConnectWise Manage and GreatAmerica integrations, which allow them to push their IT contract licensing charges through to GreatAmerica each month without having to manually notify us of changes. Usherwood Office Technology also uses the e-automate® ESN Meter and Invoice integration, the Contract Validation, and the ESN Cash Posting application integration.  

“The ConnectWise integration completely changed the way that we handle bundled Managed IT leases. We used to have to do a manual audit each month of what GreatAmerica had to bill versus what we needed to have billed that month. Then we would have to e-mail the changes needed. Now there is no "touching" needed at all. The ESN Meter and Invoice integration has also saved us a significant amount of time as we no longer need to have people pulling meters out of our system and uploading them to GreatAmerica; they are pulled automatically without anyone on our side needing to touch them. This has given my employees time to focus on other aspects of their roles, allowing for more accuracy in those areas.” 

Christi Thissen – COO, DPC Technology 

Christi Thompson

Similar to Usherwood Office Technology’s success with ConnectWise, DPC Technology wanted to automate its monthly billing process in a way that saved employee time as well as customer satisfaction. Through ConnectWise and GreatAmerica, DPC Technology can do just that. 

“ConnectWise integrates so that I don't have to send customers the bill. Before using the ConnectWise integration, if something changed, we’d have to e-mail GreatAmerica to add the additional fee. It would get missed if I forgot to e-mail GreatAmerica and then with that manual process, we’d have to go back to the client and ask for the extra fee when the amount is wrong. The big benefit is preventing those billing differences and forcing us to go back to our clients to ask for more money. Any changes through the invoices from month to month are just integrated and not clunky and that’s my favorite thing about it.  

Our clients receive one bill from GreatAmerica, and they don't have to get multiple emails from us. For customers we have on a rental, it is indicated in their agreement. If something breaks at a client's office and they’re financing through GreatAmerica, we’ll replace it for them as part of their agreement. It’s considered almost under warranty, essentially because they are on a rental program with us. So that's not necessarily a building integration, but that is just the ConnectWise integration we have established. That's a selling point; ‘you're not going to get a bill from us every time something breaks. Instead, it's all covered under one monthly fee, including your equipment and your service.”  

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