Is My Transaction a Good Fit For GreatAmerica? Blog Feature

By: GreatAmerica on June 13th, 2022

Is My Transaction a Good Fit For GreatAmerica?

When it comes to selecting a financing partner for your office technology business, you likely have questions that determine if they are a match for your business and business solutions. At GreatAmerica Financial Services, we often hear, “Are my transaction sizes too big for GreatAmerica?” Or, in turn, “Are my transaction sizes too small?”    

The truth of the matter is GreatAmerica funds transactions that range from four figures to seven figures. It’s fair to say that we consider ourselves a “small-ticket” financing company. That’s finance-speak for our “sweet spot” is between $5,000 and $250,000. However, we also understand the importance of supporting our customers' need for the occasional larger transaction, so we regularly fund six and seven figure transactions. 

Thirty years ago, GreatAmerica planted its roots in the office equipment sector as a privately held, small-ticket, financial services provider. Our mission was to help our customers be more successful and tailor financing programs for them targeting transaction sizes under $250,000. It is fair to say that as GreatAmerica has grown over the years, so has our interest in funding larger transactions in the support of our customers. As we’ve evolved, our business sectors have expanded and our ability to serve our customers and their interests has skyrocketed. 



Through a commitment to supporting our customers' growth, we've become an established leader in the industry, developing a healthy portfolio as a result. Our appetite for larger contracts continues to increase as our customers grow and evolve their businesses for the future." - Derek Meier, VP Sales, OEG Unit 

Our evolution has enabled us to provide greater support for those customers that focus on the higher end of the small and midsized business spectrum. 

We remain committed to the businesses that have fueled our growth. That commitment has allowed us to become a leading finance company in the United States of America and we will not forget that commitment. We regularly fund transactions starting at $5,000 for a new customer with an ability to support add-on agreements as low as $1,000. 

As experts in the office technology space, we understand what it takes to fund transactions, large and small.  

The best way to understand if GreatAmerica is the leading, independent financing partner for your go-to-market offerings is to give us a call so we can discuss your needs and explore tailoring a program that may help you drive more success in your market. After all that is our mission, “we help our customers achieve greater success”. 

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As office technology has evolved, so has our ability to finance those various technology solutions with unique programs. If you are interested in seeing a list of the most common office technology solutions we are financing today, you can read more about financial technology providers.

Transaction Fluent 

Like any financial services provider, GreatAmerica has qualifications that must be met in order to fund a deal. Our experience in these industries allows us the freedom to explore and gain comfort in new areas, while remaining committed to the root sectors and products we first built our business on. To us, it’s about customer expectations: if we can fund it, we will.  


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