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Financing Programs and Business Solutions for Independent Office Equipment Dealers

It's time to expect more from your finance company. The competition is fierce and new offerings are emerging. You need a trusted advisor on your side.

Put an unrivaled suite of programs, tools and solutions to work. Win more deals, enhance your customer experience, and grow your business for the future.

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Work smarter, not harder! Empower your team with the right tools and resources so they can focus on what they do best!

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One size does not fit all. Build a financing program that supports your go-to-market strategy. Use our program selector tool to evaluate program options for the products, services, and solutions you sell. 

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Financing Programs Built for Office Equipment Dealers

We understand your challenges and growth objectives. Our immersion in the office technology industry since 1992 has equipped us to build custom programs to support your sales approach, meet your customers' needs, and help you differentiate from the competition.

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Rate Vs. Relationship

Troy Wright, President and CEO of Oasys, Inc., an office technology provider just North of Seattle, Washington, tells us how his company went from using five different lenders to just one, switching their mindset to focus less on rate and more on relationship. Find out why their whole portfolio is now with GreatAmerica. 

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Take advantage of tools and integrations that increase operational efficiencies. Accelerate sales and automate workflows to empower your company’s largest investment; your employees! Our experts will review your environment and help identify manual steps in your processes that could be eliminated. 

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Grow the Value of Your Business

You want to grow your business, maintain positive cash flow and create lasting relationships with your customers. Bundling your equipment, services and supplies can help do that, while enhancing the enterprise value of your business. 

In this video you'll learn the answers to the most common questions related to bundling and how it can help you build enterprise value.

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