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Updated 4/12/2024. Originally posted 12/8/2022. There’s nothing worse than billing processes that involve wasteful double-entry and time-consuming methods of billing for usage. Whether you are an office equipment dealer selling copiers on cost-per-copy finance agreements, or a managed service provider needing to easily bill and invoice for an ever-changing array of software, hardware, and as-a-service solutions, the administrative process you follow has a large impact on your bottom line, be it positive or negative. For well over a decade, GreatAmerica Financial Services has built and expanded upon our comprehensive billing infrastructure to support solution providers selling a wide range of technology and as-a-service offerings. We’ve been deliberate in developing integrations with leading ERP software providers serving the imaging and technology channels. This blog will hone in on three specific integrations with ECI e-automate®, ConnectWise, and CEO Juice.

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Updated on 4/4/2024. Originally posted 7/1/2021. “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” We all know the saying that says if something isn’t wrong, we need not take action. The message can sometimes be great advice, however when it comes to technology, outdated hardware or software can create liabilities, inefficiencies and unnecessary expenses. Simply put — clinging to old, sometimes clunky technology can end up costing more than the price of an upgrade. In this blog, we highlight a handful of pitfalls associated with hanging on to outdated equipment.

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Updated 3/7/2024 Originally Published 7/30/2020.

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You’ve chosen your equipment and selected the monthly payment that works for you, so you’re ready to start your agreement! But wait, the digital document sent is requesting your personal information. But why?

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Updated on 6/7/2023. Originally posted 9/2/2021. Over the last several years, businesses have become increasingly creative, many shifting to a hybrid strategy and taking on new product and service lines to meet the quickly changing needs of their customers. As a technology provider, you had to quickly diversify your offerings in the middle of a global pandemic to ensure your customers had the latest technology to run their businesses. But how many of you came back to your own office only to encounter disparate systems or antiquated equipment surrounded by manual processes?

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