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GreatAmerica Office Equipment Group has published a post a week for the last year. To help you from having to sift through them all, we've put together a list of the best posts from 2017. Topics range from operational excellence to leadership development stories.

The GreatAmerica Office Equipment blog is intended to provide you industry insights, useful tips to be a better leader, and help your teams overcome challenges and increase their success. Find out what your fellow dealers thought were our best posts over the past year! 

1. Top 2 Reasons People Aren't Doing Business With You - Josie Heskje

During our annual National Sales Meeting, our speaker Meridith Elliott Powell shared the top two reasons people aren't doing business with you. Hint: They're pretty simple to fix. Read on...

2.  Are You Affected By the FASB Lease Accounting Changes? - Brett Steffen

Have you heard the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued a new lease accounting standard? Wondering what's changing and what's staying the same? Find out more...

3.  How a BMX Bike Helped Shape My Leadership Style - David Pohlman

I was just a 14-year-old boy. My hands were getting black with grease in the bike shop where I worked. I raced BMX bikes and the shop owner had asked my parents if it would be okay to offer me a job. I didn't realize the lessons I would learn then would shape my leadership style for life. Read on...

4.  What McDonald's Can Teach Us About Operational Excellence - Jeremy Potts

Ray Kroc presented an idea to Dick and Mac McDonald in 1954 that would forever change the restaurant industry. It was based on operational excellence. How can we as business owners use this concept to improve our office technology businesses? Learn more...

5.  How Gratitude and Perspective Made Me a Better Leader - Lindsay Bohon

After her husband was diagnosed with neurological health complications, this GreatAmerica leader let gratitude and perspective shape her professional career. Read on...


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