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posted by Katie Lanpher on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 in Office Equipment Blog

With yet another year wrapping up, there is no better time to look back on the last 365 days and reflect. The office technology industry is changing rapidly and with so many new advancements in technology, and the growing number of acquisitions taking place, dealers surely had their work cut out for them in 2018!

These challenges will continue to test us in the year ahead, but our goal here at the Office Equipment Blog is to provide content that will help support you through all this change – providing tips and nuggets of knowledge that we hope will contribute to your success, even if in small ways.

We've posted a lot of content over the last year, so in the spirit of reflecting, and in case you missed a few entries while you were busy running your business, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 most popular entries of 2018. Enjoy!

1. The Four C's of Effective Onboarding

Let’s face it: hiring is hard. Attracting the right talent isn't easy. After you’ve gone to all the work to find just the right fit, you are ready to onboard your new hire into your organization. Your ability to be successful in this process can be a key factor in your ability to retain talent. Learn the 4 C’s of Effective Onboarding!

2. What McDonald's Can Teach Us about Operational Excellence

Take a hard look hard at your internal processes. What do your team members do on a consistent basis and how can you help them do it more efficiently? What things should your dealership stop doing? How can you use technology to create efficiencies? Operational efficiency is crucial to the success of an organization, and McDonald's has a few lessons we can borrow from. Find out what we can learn about operational excellence from McDonald’s!

3. Office Equipment Leasing vs. Cash Purchase: What Factors Should Your Customers Be Considering?

With the office technology industry now feeling a demand for new ancillary services like document management or managed IT, it’s important to consider that many of the customers seeking these services may not realize they can be financed just like their copiers are. The same can be said for your new, or even existing sale reps. Do they fully understand the benefits of offering a monthly payment to their customers? Read on for a crash course!

4. What is Seat Based Billing (SBB)?

Through Managed Print Services (MPS), managed print providers are able to optimize their customers’ devices to save them both time and money. But the ways providers are billing for these services is evolving. While not a replacement for CPP, a new format called Seat Based Billing, will offer improvements for many companies. Consider some of the virtues of Seat Based Billing.

5. Top 2 Reasons People Aren’t Doing Business With You!

You may offer top of the line products and services, but the economy is changing and so is the way our prospects and customers buy. Prospects do their research before even contacting you, so you need to find ways to attract business before you even get the chance to ask for it. Is your business adapting to this shift in buyer behavior? Examine the top 2 reasons people aren’t doing business with you, and then learn what you can do about it.

6. How Many Office Equipment Dealers Became Successful and How Others Became WILDLY Successful

What can dealers do to differentiate themselves? West MacDonald, Vice President of Business Development at Print Audit, talks about the differences between what makes some office technology dealers successful and what makes others wildly successful! He also discusses how dealers can remain relevant so they can stay wildly successful for the long-term. Read on!

7. Customer Friction & the Flywheel: Delighting Your Customers in 2018

In September, Josie Heskje, Director, Strategic Marketing for the Office Equipment Group, attended Hubspot Inbound 2018. She brought back some extremely relevant perspective about the importance of current customer satisfaction to future business growth, and how to contribute to this growth by adjusting the sales and marketing approach from funnel to flywheel. Read on!

8. Office Equipment Leasing 101: An Introduction to Lease Financing

Financing is a valuable tool dealers can leverage to gain more business, but it also serves as a flexible means for your customers to acquire the office equipment their businesses depend on. If you are considering adding new equipment lines or a managed print services (MPS) program, consider how financing can get your customers the equipment they need while making for a smoother sales process. Read on!

9. What are the Groups and Associations in the Office Equipment Industry?

In the office technology industry, we are blessed to have so many peer groups and associations at our finger tips. These associations can help dealers in just about every area of their business. If you’re struggling, looking for advice, or wanting to talk with someone running a similar business to compare notes, get involved in one of these organizations!

10. FASB Lease Accounting Changes Update

After many years of focus by the FASB on the transparency of “off-balance sheet” obligations, the FASB issued a new lease accounting standard in February 2016. Just this last year, the FASB issued updated guidance that can make the adoption of the new lease accounting standard less complex. Read on for details.

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