Is Seat Based Billing Worth All of the Hype?

posted by Tawnya Stone on Friday, August 31, 2018 in Office Equipment Blog

Everyone is talking about the great benefits of Seat Based Billing… and sure, there are many… but offering a Seat Based Billing program is more than just converting what a customer is paying today and dividing it into the number of employees. 

Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • What is needed to get started

  • Service contracts

  • Wholesale opportunities to minimize risk

  • Finance agreements to support new hardware

  • Integration with dealer systems for easy administration

  • Invoicing capabilities

  • Certifications to show they can properly deliver this offering

The SBB model is groundbreaking for so many reasons. It is the only model for managed print that:

  • Addresses declining volumes per user: Current CPP models are not aligned with changes in user printing behaviors.  SBB answers this by taking print volumes out of the equation. 

  • Higher total account profitability: By incorporating workflow efficiency improvements the SBB model delivers customer savings and larger total account profits than traditional managed print models.

  • Mirrors changing customer buying habits: The world is moving towards XaaS (Everything as a Service) and SBB allows office equipment dealers to prosper as customer buying habits change.

  • World’s first SBB partnerships:  The SBB Road Shows, wholesale SBB, and SBB financing options are all available thanks to working with industry leaders.

  • Wholesale SBB – Clover has developed a full service program designed to help dealers accelerate and grow their SBB MPS Programs that includes assessing and implementing the MPS engagement and then billing the dealer a monthly SBB invoice for each of their end user customers that are on the program

  • SBB Financing – GreatAmerica pioneered a total financing solution to ensure this new billing model can be billed on a single invoice to ensure dealers’ monthly revenues are protected.

  • Integration with ERPs – GreatAmerica has built integrations that allow dealers to book contracts and easily transmit data for billing, easing the overall administration of the contract.

  • Industry Education via SBB Road Shows – Three one-day educational Road Shows were held in 2017 and two more are planned for 2018. These events were an illustration of this group’s commitment to the office technology industry.

John Shane, Director at Keypoint Intelligence, referenced “SBB is the Future of Managed Print” in his presentation “Emerging Market Trends for 2018”.  Don’t you owe it to your business to learn more and see if it is something that your dealership should pursue?

Find out if Seat Based Billing is Right For Your Office Technology Business!

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Tawnya Stone is Vice President, Enterprise Strategic Technology, at GreatAmerica Financial Services Corp. and past Chair of CompTIA’s MPS Community. She is responsible for the overall strategic direction, oversight and implementation of customer-facing tools and products across various GreatAmerica business units, working in close collaboration with business unit and functional leadership and external technology.

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