Is Your Recruiting Strategy Missing This Essential Element?

posted by Denise Miller on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 in Unified Communications and IT Blog

Branding is everything to marketers. Companies spend a lot of time and resources building product brands, taking them to market and promoting them. The payoff comes the moment the consumer invests in the product or service.

Branding is also paying dividends for HR departments, and great companies who have embraced an employment brand are being rewarded.

What Is An Employment Brand?

An employment brand is your company’s reputation as an employer. It should help potential candidates understand why you are a great place to work and be the foundation of all recruiting strategies.

Why Do I Need An Employment Brand?

According to a study authored by LinkedIn, an employment brand can measurably impact your company. A strong brand can:

  • Lower the cost per hire by as much as 50%.  When you become recognized as an employer of choice, you can advertise less and rely more on referrals.
  • Reduce employee turnover by up to 28%. By attracting candidates that fit your culture and have insight into your company before being hired, the chances of them leaving are reduced.
  • Influence the conversation. When your employment brand speaks to the candidate’s curiosity about What’s in it for me?, candidates envision themselves as team members before the first interview.
  • Support your corporate brand. When your employment brand supports your corporate brand, you send a consistent message to the market. Studies show coupling a strong employee brand with a solid consumer brand can even impact stock prices. That’s the power of branding!


How Can I Develop My Employment Brand?

If your employment brand will help potential candidates understand why you are a great place to work, you should first identify those attributes. What better way than to ask existing employees “Why?” Here are some questions to start the conversation:

  • What makes us different from other employers? ( e.g., fun atmosphere, team approach)
  • What are the advantages of working for us? (e.g., continuous learning and development, career growth opportunities)
  • Which parts of our mission and values speak directly to you?

Compile the answers – or hire a third-party firm – to craft a simple, impactful employment brand message that speaks to your target audience. For some inspiration, here are some of the top employment brands according to the 2014 Fortune 500 Top 100 Employment Brands by Wilson HCG:

Google: Do cool things that matter.

Disney: Create What’s Next.

Qualcomm: Innovate with impact.

What Should I Do With My Employment Brand?

Finally, once you have your employment brand defined, you should use this message in all your recruiting materials. It should be prominent on your corporate careers website, company LinkedIn page, recruiting site pages and anywhere else you are looking for candidates. In an upcoming blog, we’ll show you the elements of building a career website that highlights your employment brand. 

Need more help with your employment brand? Reach out to our PathShare® HR Services team today for more information 866.629.5118 or Learn more by visiting the PathShare HR Services website.

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Denise Miller is a Senior Human Resources Consultant with PathShare® HR Services. In this role, Denise focuses on helping GreatAmerica customers be more successful in the area of hiring and sales training.  She is a certified AVA analyst through Bizet Human Asset Management and regularly conducts behavior-based interviews. Prior to joining the PathShare team in 2013 Denise spent 10 years in a sales role at GreatAmerica working directly with Dealers in the Office Equipment industry helping them grow their customer base.

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