The Inevitable Frontier: Four Benefits to Preparing Your Customers for the Future of Technology

posted by Jackie Schmid on Monday, May 11, 2015 in Unified Communications and IT Blog

Towards the beginning of 2015, I was researching the future of technology, and came across a list of the “Top 25 Technology Predictions” made by Dave Evans of Cisco in 2009. The predictions range from the number of IP addresses to the processing power of a PC. The most startling prediction was that “by 2025, teleportation at the particle level will begin to occur.” Really?!? This is the stuff of the late 60s when Star Trek introduced teleportation. Am I the only one surprised? Maybe this is just another jarring reminder of how fast technology is moving.

You are in the position to prepare your customers for future technology developments by getting them on an affordable cycle of new technology. This is one reason Hosted and Cloud options are saturating the IT industry. Customers don’t own their equipment in those situations, which is another reason for its popularity.

Resistance is futile! If you know your customers don't want to own technology, then stop selling it to them. You may be pleased to know that Hardware as a Service isn't your only option. Hardware as a Rental (HaaR) or Unified Communications as a Rental (UCaaR) are both nearly identical to the as-a-Service model, except GreatAmerica funds the hardware, not you!

HaaR and UCaaR are also great for your customers. Here are the top four ways it helps businesses prepare for future IT costs:


Cisco estimates a 20-time increase in home networking speeds by 2019. The computers of today will not be able to handle the applications and services of tomorrow. Offer your customers the technology on a fixed monthly budget, and set them up for a future upgrade with the latest and greatest technology.


Consumer Reports say 1 in 3 laptops and desktops break by their fourth year, with many warranties lasting only one year. Waiting until technology breaks is not the way of the future. In fact, that will do more harm to your customers more in the long run with costly maintenance. Prepare your customers to upgrade your computers regularly, so you don’t lose productivity because of technology.


Many clients have a history of acquiring their IT investments with cash. They are having to make capital budget decisions, delaying the acquisition. This example projects out about eight years of an IT budget, comparing the unpredictable capital purchase of a $10,000 system with predictable IT budget on the same system (see 1: Example of $10,000 Project).

As the red line indicates, cash sales have large upfront costs and no predictable refresh cycle. In contrast, the blue line shows what a 36-month plan would look like for the same equipment. The standard payment is around $330 every month, and the customer gets new technology ever three years.


As a shrewd business owner, you know you have to be resourceful when it comes to your budget.  Your customers are the same way. As a trusted advisor you have the opportunity to encourage your clients to use their capital to invest in the things that generate revenue rather than on the things that will be replaced a short way down the road.

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Jackie Schmid is the Director of Strategic Marketing of the Unified Communications & IT Group at GreatAmerica Financial Services located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Jackie is responsible for building brand awareness and gaining strategic relationships through creative marketing. Prior to joining GreatAmerica, Jackie worked in the TV News industry as a producer and executive producer at the local CBS and FOX stations where she helped shape the programs delivered to the market. Jackie’s finance career began in 2011 when she joined GreatAmerica to support the sales team serving the Office Equipment space.

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