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By: GreatAmerica on April 9th, 2020

Using 1:1 Video: Staying Engaged with Your Team, Industry Peers, and Customers/Prospects When Working Remotely

Over the last year, GreatAmerica has been on a journey to evolve our marketing strategy to adopt an inbound approach. A big part of that has involved embracing video as a way to connect and engage with our customers and prospects. Our primary mission in doing so was to better serve these relationships by using video to educate and establish trust and transparency. But we also learned just how much video can enhance the way we communicate with everyone we collaborate with, both internally and externally.

In hindsight, this realization couldn’t have come at a better time. With the onset of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, we’ve seen virtually everyone’s life massively impacted. Many organizations within the United States are moving to a work from home strategy as a result of advice from the CDC and both federal and local government. This massive move to work from home will bring new obstacles when it comes to maintaining the connections and engagement you have with your customers, industry peers, and coworkers. It can also bring new opportunity.

Video Is Essential To Your Remote Strategy

Video can help you maintain communication and accountability with your teams and provide a way to better collaborate when there is the constraint of physical distance. As your trips and appointments get cancelled with your customers and prospects, you can use video to ensure you don’t lose momentum in these relationships. Even your physical presence within your industry or community can be maintained through video, so when that conference or local community event you were slated to present at gets cancelled, the presentation you spent hours putting together can be leveraged as a video webinar. There are so many ways to use video to stay relevant and connected in order to keep your business and industries successful.

So why exactly is video so helpful? Especially now in these uncertain times? It’s because video empowers us to build trust through transparent communication. Video humanizes our interactions in a way that audio can never do. And while most organizations have some comfort level with video and conferencing technologies, this global crisis serves as an example of just how important it is to get comfortable using it for online collaboration. The good news is, 1:1 videos are about the easiest type to get started with.

What is a 1:1 Video?

1:1 videos are personalized video messages that are intended for a specific person. Much like you might email with team members, customers, or industry peers, a 1:1 video is essentially the video equivalent. In times where you can’t communicate face to face, 1:1 videos allow for the personalized touch you miss over email, text, or even a phone call.

Here's a quick example:

Most of the software you can use to create these videos can even allow you to display your screen so you can give presentations, review proposals, or provide tutorials. This can make it so much easier to collaborate and also ensure your message gets passed along exactly as intended, should the person you developed the 1:1 video for need to forward your video proposal to other decision-makers, for example.

Software like Vidyard or Soapbox offer free access when you sign up for an account, and can be used by anyone with a webcam or camera phone.

Tips for Using 1:1 Videos

While the goal of using video is to create trust, without the proper best practices, you can also have the opposite effect. Let’s explore a few tips to help get you started on the right foot.

Use a tripod or a sturdy surface to stabilize your camera.

A shaky video is distracting to your viewers and appears unprofessional. Whether you are using your phone or a laptop, be sure you position your device so it is on a stable surface. You can purchase tripods on amazon for fairly cheap which you can mount your phone on to ensure a stable, level frame. If you are using a webcam on your laptop or computer, be sure whatever it sits on creates a sturdy frame for your viewers.

Find the right angle.

At one point or another, we’ve all looked down at our phones to find our camera on, reflecting a less than flattering self-portrait up at us. Angles make a difference! You should always strive to be eye-level with your camera and your viewer. If you are using a phone, you can usually get some height by using a telescoping tripod. If you are using a laptop, just get a little creative – even just setting your laptop on a stack of books can help add some height and raise your webcam up to eye level for a much more flattering angle.

Talk directly to the camera.

Don’t forget, the point of a 1:1 video is to have a real 1:1 conversation. There will be a real person on the other side of that camera once you send it. When you speak, make eye contact with the camera as if it were the person you’re sending your video to.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Before you begin shooting, take inventory of your surroundings. Are there any sensitive or competitive documents visible that should be put away? What about loud background noises? Make sure you find a quiet area to shoot and that there are no distracting objects or clutter visible.

Make sure you have good lighting.

Just as with anything else we’ve talked about, improper lighting can also be a distraction to viewers. Make sure your light source is to your front, not your back. You can sit directly in front of a light, or face toward a window and use natural day light to illuminate the frame. You can also purchase clip on ring lights on amazon that you can clip to your monitor at a moment’s notice.

Be Yourself.

The point of video is to let your best, most genuine self-shine through. So smile! If you misspeak, don’t start over. Keep going. A little fumbling shows your human side. Just be sure to have a little fun with it and people will appreciate that you’re a real person, just like them.

In these unprecedented times, we must keep moving forward, be willing to change our approaches and get creative about how we operate our businesses. Video is a powerful tool that can help you overcome some of the challenges that distance presents. And when it’s all said and done, you’ll have added another tool to your tool box, one you’ll probably wonder how you ever did without.

Check Out This Video For More 1:1 Video Best Practices:

Download the 1:1 Video Cheat Sheet:

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Become the expert you already are. Learn how to build trust and transparency through the creation of 1:1 videos with this handy cheat sheet. Pin it to your desk for a quick reminder before shooting and produce a quality 1:1 video that will surely impress your customers and prospects.

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