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By: GreatAmerica on November 3rd, 2021

Invest in the Future of Construction Technology with an As-A-Service Program

Advancements in construction technology are moving fast and impacting the future of the industryThe 6 Types of Construction Technology You Will Use in the Future details the types of technology to invest in, such as accurate and efficient drones for surveying worksites or advanced Artificial Intelligence that reinforce a competitive advantage. The key word here is investmentWe think you will agree - technology is expensive, but that shouldn’t stop companies from acquiring the best to be their best. To help companies stay up to date with cutting edge technology, resellers and dealers must provide a solution that comes with benefits for everyone. 

An As-A-Service program provides customers with exactly that: a bundled package for a budgetable monthly cost. History shows that using this model to pay for rapidly changing technology is valuable for everyone. Think about your cellphone. Today, it’s standard for a customer to pay the provider a monthly fee that bundles the phone’s cost, usage, and warranty – but this hasn‘t always been the case.

A monthly payment model allows resellers like you to adapt to their customers' demands and keep up with fast-paced technology solutions like the As-A-Service model. 

Finding a solution that is as rewarding for the reseller as it is the customer is key to finding long-term success. So, how does the As-A-Service model work to benefit you?  

Create a Predictable Sales Cycle

Customers who purchase technology with cash keep their hardware long after it’s outdated, heavily delaying further sales opportunities for you. A non-cancelable rental agreement creates predictability at the end of term by offering the customer the option to upgrade, continue renting, or return the hardwareEnd of term is an opportunity for you to interact with your customer and restart the cycle of selling the option to upgrade and retain your existing customer. 

Bundled for Convenience 

All payments in this model are delivered in one bundled invoice that can include hardware, software, warranty, installation and training expenses. Your customers make a single monthly payment and any subscription or service fees collected can be passed back directly to you. An impactful benefit to you as the reseller is that you are paid upfront for the financing amount of the hardware and installation. 

Keep your Customer Up to Date

We already know that technology moves fast – construction technology is no different. It is always being refined. When a customer is on an As-A-Service contract, they are more likely to upgrade their technology much faster than purchasing through a cash sale. This provides a few major benefits to you, including:  

  • More frequent upgrades are to be expected when a customer is on contract since they are guaranteed the option at the end of term.  
  • There is less expense in updating software and supporting outdated hardware.  Hardware purchased with cash will be used far longer and can cause more support and compatibility issues. Upgrading hardware more often mitigates the need for obsolete technology to be supported.

As the demand for newer, better, and faster technology grows, the demand for a new way to invest in it will too. Providing customers with the As-A-Service model will keep you ahead of the curve – and your competition.

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