Are You Ready for the Largest IT Upgrade Opportunity in 20 Years?

posted by Jake Wagner on Monday, March 11, 2019 in Office Equipment Blog

As the copier industry continues to evolve, many of our office technology dealers are turning to Managed IT Services to help expand their customer relationships and differentiate themselves with new prospects. Though our dealers have gradually been shifting into the IT realm for the last several years, the upcoming Windows 7 Sunset may spur more incentive for those still toying with the idea of entering the space.

The Windows 7 Sunset, scheduled to take place on January 14, 2020, has created a unique opportunity for office technology dealers. The Windows 7 end of life represents the largest IT upgrade opportunity in 20 years, and as a service provider, there is no better time to begin planning so you can ensure you’re equipped to claim your share.

Opportunity Awaits...Right in Your Customer Base

So what is so unique about this opportunity when it comes to the office technology dealer?

To answer that, let’s consider how many end-users each of your clients has, and the number of workstations needed to accommodate those users. Now consider some recent statistics on Windows 7 utilization: Did you know 30 to 35% of workstations are still running on Windows 7? That means on average, 30 - 35% of your customers’ workstations will become obsolete on January 14, 2020. This alone drives a massive need for new hardware. Further, these same customers are already being actively notified that Windows 7 is nearing end of life via Microsoft alerts sent directly to its users.

The uniqueness of this opportunity lies in the fact that this goldmine sits right in your own backyard. It exists just under your thumb – in your current pool of customers! The connections have already been made, the relationships have already been built, and your buyers have already been primed to the idea that an upgrade is in their future.

But Your Competition Wants Their Piece Of The Pie Too…

As we approach the official end of life for Windows 7, your competitors are also making plans. If they haven’t already, they’ll soon be knocking on the doors of your customers with hopes to sell them the new hardware they will need.

So who will sell it to them? You or them? If you hope to beat your competition to the punch, you must move quickly and equip your dealership to supply the demands of your customers.

How HaaR® Will Give You A Competitive Edge

IT providers selling hardware typically do not utilize financing. They tend to sell for cash and operate under a break-fix principle. Selling in this way makes cost objections a hurdle, specifically large capital expenses. Hardware as a Rental®, or HaaR®, makes it easy to claim your piece of the Windows 7 Sunset opportunity. The GreatAmerica HaaR program combines the best attributes of Hardware as a Service (HaaS) and equipment financing. Just like other As-A-Service models, you are able to offer your client a single monthly payment, but with HaaR, you receive funding for the project upfront making you cash-flow positive from day one. GreatAmerica handles the billing and collecting on the contract, sending the recurring charges to you monthly when the customer makes their payment. The financial burden and risk is taken off the hands of you as the solution provider and you’ll be able to deliver your end-customers a single-invoice solution for all hardware, software, installation and services. Our HaaR program can help you shorten your sales cycle and take advantage of the Windows 7 Sunset opportunity.

Your Unfair Advantage

As a solution provider selling office technology, you’ve been offering financing to your customers for years. Your customers are also comfortable doing business in this way because they’ve long understood that financing is a better way to buy office equipment. They know that it helps them to preserve cash-flow, reserve bank lines, and makes for a smoother upgrade process overall. As a dealership selling IT hardware using the HaaR program, they will be pleased to find out they can get the new workstations they need in a similar fashion with the same benefits.

HaaR Aligns With The Preferences of Today’s Buyer

The consumer’s mindset about how they buy has changed. Subscription based products and services have taken over the marketplace spanning numerous industries, and purchasing technology is exception. The consumer’s desire to own IT hardware and equipment has all but evaporated.

Considering technology changes so often, why would you want to tie up capital in something that will be out of date in a few short years? When the unpredictable happens? When you can’t afford to purchase new equipment at the frequency technology refreshes, but rely on up-to-date technology to operate effectively? All of these factors have has caused the consumer’s desire to own technology to evaporate.

The fact is that today’s customer isn’t interested in buying hardware anymore – they are interested in buying an expectation- an expectation that they will have access to working, cutting-edge, properly serviced technology. This expectation can be full-filled using Hardware As A Rental.

Why Your Customers Will Love HaaR


Up To Speed Technology

Technology is evolving at an accelerated rate. A predictable budget lets them upgrade to stay up-to-speed with technology's pace.


Controlled IT Costs

A predictable monthly cost is easy to budget for without surprise spending. Understand future technology costs and plan ahead accordingly to scale your service with their growth.

Stopwatch 150(1)

Maximized Efficiency

Proactive support means most problems are fixed before they happen. Even when one does happen, there's less downtime for better peace of mind.


Free Up Cash

Use capital for revenue generating activity rather than big spends on IT equipment. This lets them make the most out of their capex dollars.

HaaR Will Help Your Business Grow

Solution providers love the HaaR model because it takes sticker shock out of the equation. It opens them up to more business by eliminating price objections which expands the pool of eligible buyers. When leading with a monthly payment, the opportunity for price negotiations is eliminated. Since the talk track to sell customers on HaaR is vastly different, the full cost of a project isn’t even addressed in most situations, and without the opportunity to bargain, margins are better protected.

With a wider pool of clientele who are open to the idea of a monthly payment, you’ll see the number of monthly contracted deals increase and positively impact the valuation of your business.

Estimate a Dollar Amount On Your Opportunity!

The clock is ticking. Windows 7 end of life is just around the corner. Consider how much opportunity sits in your customer base by using our handy calculator.

Simply plug in your numbers to put an estimated dollar amount on your potential opportunity!

Calculate Your Estimated Opportunity!

Interested in how our HaaR program can help you shorten your sales cycle and take advantage of the Windows 7 Sunset opportunity? Click the button below to request a meeting with your GreatAmerica representative.

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