Which Value-Added Services Will Help You Deliver A Top-Notch Managed Print Services Program?

posted by Tawnya Stone on Friday, November 02, 2018 in Office Equipment Blog

As an office equipment dealer, you have to do more than simply resell manufacturer hardware. Ultimately, your entire business relies on producing value that creates lifelong customers. That means integrating solutions and leveraging key expertise toward meeting customer needs. One way office equipment dealers can bring more value to their customers is by offering Managed Print Services. This offering will enhance and improve your hardware’s capabilities while creating sticky relationships with your customers.

So what types of software and partnerships should a dealer consider adding to their portfolio to successfully deliver MPS?

Device Management

Device management software is a prerequisite to offer Managed Print Services. This software is installed on the end user’s network and captures all of the activity, alerts and supply levels associated with the device. There are several options of device management software, each with a slightly different offering:

  •  Print Audit. Print device management is one of the main ways office equipment dealers can help end users optimize their print assets. Print Audit offers Infinite Device Management software that makes it possible for dealers to automate their monitoring and optimization processes, improving office productivity.

  • FM Audit. Managed print providers can use FM audit to automate two-way data collection between print fleets and accounting and dispatch systems. This allows organizations to effectively automate the process of purchasing print consumables, ensuring that paper and laser toner cartridges arrive just in time, every time.

  • PrintFleet. PrintFleet offers management solutions for print networks. Managed print services providers can rely on PrintFleet data to optimize print asset deployment to improve efficiency. Effective device management streamlines print processes by ensuring that devices with the lowest per-page costs work in the highest-volume departments.

Infrastructure Providers

Partnering with an infrastructure provider allows a dealer to rely on them for as much as they want.  Some dealers use them for just supplies and some use them for complete turnkey MPS programs including dispatch and servicing machines. There are several different infrastructure providers, each with a slightly different offering:

  • Clover Imaging Group. Axess MPS from Clover Imaging Group provides dealers proactive MPS solutions for management, maintenance, and supply of their customer’s print environments. With the help of a comprehensive suite of software, services and support, dealers are able to implement a successful MPS program for their customer’s print environments.

  • ­­ LMI. LMI Solutions is an award-winning Managed Print Services Infrastructure provider delivering automated software solutions and tools to help dealers improve their operational efficiencies, reduce costs and increase profitability. LMI is also a manufacturer, distributor and recycler of premium replacement toner cartridges, related imaging supplies, and remanufactured printers.

  • Supplies Network. Supplies Network offers a comprehensive line of print supplies, a broad selection of imaging equipment, and an award-winning MPS program with a range of compelling services that enable resellers to maximize profitability, lower overhead expense, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. 

Document Management Software

Understanding a client’s environment and automating their processes into a series of workflows can be not only a profitable services business, but it can also tightly align office equipment dealers with their customer. This makes them a valued partner for both the immediate project, and for future needs as well. There are several software applications that make the implementation of a digital workflow extremely manageable with an undeniable benefit to your customer.

  • PaperCut. PaperCut allows organizations to have full print, copy, scan and fax control. All activity can be tracked and reported to the individual user level with policies set to reduce waste and save on print consumables. Add to this document and device security features and easy printing from mobile devices, print has never been easier or more efficient.

  • PSIGEN. PSIGEN Software, Inc. is an innovative leader of document capture, workflow and management. They are a SOC-2 Certified Organization dedicated to helping companies securely automate document processing and management. PSIGEN’s solutions integrate with most any type of scanning device, fax server, MFP device, network folder, or WebDAV folder. The result is a more productive end user, using fewer mouse clicks and keystrokes, accomplishing complex, powerful, integrated modular document management and workflows. These solutions can move data and documents to and/or from more than 60 supported third-party content management systems.

  • ACDI. ACDI is one of the fastest growing solutions providers in the imaging industry. Their product portfolio focuses on a complete document lifecycle solution designed to increase the efficiency of automated document-related processes. They’ve combined those solutions with industry-leading professional services and software support. It’s why they’re the leading PaperCut Authorized Solution Center and PSIGEN Software solutions partner to the dealer channel.

  • DocuWare. DocuWare provides organizations business process automation through intuitive, smart digital workflow and document control that set a new pace for worker productivity and business performance. Their cloud product is recognized best-fit for digitizing, automating and transforming key processes without the need for IT resources. Available in 16 languages.

  • Square 9. Square 9 is a leading developer of award-winning enterprise content management solutions, built to drive business efficiency through process automation. With both on premise and cloud-enabled document management solutions, Square 9 enables businesses of all sizes to take control of paper intensive processes by managing, sharing, and securing their business content.

Value-Added Partnerships Create Comprehensive Technology Solutions

By layering in MPS services with your hardware offerings, you become more than a vendor. Identifying ways to improve customer process efficiency through third party software and infrastructure providers will open office technology dealers up to success and revenue far beyond hardware. These partnerships enable dealers to expand into a comprehensive technology consultant that can leverage multiple angles to generate value for their customers.

At GreatAmerica, we help our customers achieve greater success by offering value-add services built with the dealer’s needs in mind.

  • PathShare HR Services – Our PathShare program can help ensure you attract, hire, and retain talented MPS personnel within your dealership.

  • Collabrance – As a certified Master Managed Services Provider and a Managed Security Services Provider, a Collabrance partnership will ensure you implement a successful IT solution within your dealership.  

  • Back Office – Eliminate the paperwork, billing and collecting from your day-to-day and utilize the infrastructure GreatAmerica has perfected to administer invoices, bill, and collect payments for both maintenance and equipment via a simple bundled payment.

Take advantage of our value-added services. Talk to one of our sales representatives about our partnerships today.

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Tawnya Stone is Vice President, Enterprise Strategic Technology, at GreatAmerica Financial Services Corp. and past Chair of CompTIA’s MPS Community. She is responsible for the overall strategic direction, oversight and implementation of customer-facing tools and products across various GreatAmerica business units, working in close collaboration with business unit and functional leadership and external technology.

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