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Anna Buehler

By: Anna Buehler on April 29th, 2020

Top Ten Sales Tools for You to be Using Right Now

In the wake of some unexpected time at home or away from your customers, you may be overwhelmed with the new responsibilities of a life at home. As well as finding new ways to stay in front of your customers (such as LinkedIn, cold-calling, and one-to-one videos), this is an optimal time to sharpen your craft and learn how to be an even more valuable asset for your customers.

When this pandemic passes, walk back into your territory with fresh ideas, a revived sense of purpose, and empathetic ways to help their organizations weather the storm. To help in this endeavor, we’ve compiled a list of the Top Ten sales blogs, podcasts, and websites that our team regularly follows and thinks you would enjoy, too.

"The swiftest way to triple your success is to double your investment in personal development." - Robin Sharma


Blogs and Newsletters:

  • James Clear
    • Summary: Every Thursday, James sends out a “3-2-1” newsletter with three ideas from himself, two quotes from others, and one question for you.
    • Type: Productivity Newsletter
  • Mark Hunter 
    • Summary: Mark Hunter is known as the “Sales Hunter” and shares a regular blog series that cover: Sales Leadership, Sales Prospecting, the Sales Process, Sales Motivation, Sales Mindset, and Profit Maximizing Price.
    • Type: Sales Blog and Newsletter
  • Tim Wackel
    • Summary: Tim Wackel is a sales trainer whose online articles cover topics for Sales Leadership and Sales Reps, focusing mostly on the training aspect of sales.
    • Type: Newsletter, Webinars
  • Hubspot Sales and Marketing Blog
    • Summary: HubSpot has a little bit for everyone. From sales and marketing, to service and agency notes, HubSpot is one of the best places to find information for all areas of your business. The best part? You can simply subscribe to the specific topics that are best for your education.
    • Type: Sales Newsletter
  • Seth Godin
    • Summary: Seth’s Blog is updated daily with Seth’s insights on sales and marketing. His unique perspective and short articles make him a quick and easy daily read.
    • Type: Newsletter, Blog
  • Mike Weinberg 
    • Summary: Mike Weinberg is an author, presenter and blogger. He focuses on sales and sales management education.
    • Type: Newsletter


  • Planet Money Podcast
    • Summary: The economy explained. Imagine you could call up a friend and say, "Meet me at the bar and tell me what's going on with the economy." Now, imagine that's actually a fun evening. With episodes airing weekly (or more), follow this podcast by NPR and stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the economy.
  • The Indicator from Planet Money Podcast
    • Summary: A little show about big ideas. From the people who make Planet Money, The Indicator helps you make sense of what is happening today. This podcast is a quick hit of insight into work, business, the economy, and everything else. Episodes air on weekday afternoons, but you have the freedom to listen at your own leisure, of course.
  • The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling
  • Sales Gravy
    • Summary: Hosted by Jeb Blount, author of People Buy You, the episodes of this podcast are 5 – 60 minutes in length which allows you to cater to your busy schedule. Topics vary from overcoming your fear of rejection to doubling your callback rate.


What blog do you swear by? Do you have a favorite podcast that we left off of the list? Simply send it in and we’ll update our list and share!

Anna Buehler

Anna Buehler, Marketing Manager in the Automotive Division at GreatAmerica, is responsible for providing creative marketing support and brand education within the Automotive sector. Anna graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Business Marketing.

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