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Alex Rogers

By: Alex Rogers on February 16th, 2016

Step up your sales game or take it to the car lot

MSPs sell a very different product—one that is difficult to explain to even the most intelligent business professionals and one that can be even more difficult to justify.  Because of this, we need to have a very accurate and complete sales process.

You might be saying, “Well, if it results in a signed agreement, then who cares?”  But the thing is, it doesn’t typically result in a signed agreement… and when it does, then you can thank that fortune cookie you had during lunch that day. 

Your sales process should be standardized, and you and your salesperson should always know when to stop the process.  Otherwise, you’ll lose money, time, and resources that you’ll never be able to get back. 

Marketing Message

A great majority of MSPs I come into contact with at training events don’t market, and they still ask me why they don’t have any leads coming in.  Marketing, and more specifically, the message you market, is the key to a first interaction.  At CharTec and ARRC Technology, this is considered our first close.  We send our leads multiple touches—postcards, emails, calls, letters, event invites—all in an effort to close that first interaction. 

1st Appointment

Once you close that first interaction, it’s time to close that first appointment.  This is your chance to not only get a Discovery on the books but to build your credibility as a technology provider.  Ask diagnostic questions to identify potential opportunities for your MSP—these openings will stem from pain points AND desires that combine to create genuine needs

Get the Discovery

The 1st Appointment should lead you to the Discovery.  During this on-site visit, you must establish potential implications or issues that stem from those pain points and needs discussed during the 1st Appointment.  Don’t just spout out whatever issues you can possibly conceive, though.  Make sure they are legitimate to the business.  To do this, speak with all levels of the company’s org chart to determine daily concerns, to hear technology horror stories, and to discover concrete facts.  This will supply you with the ammo you need during the Presentation.      

Get the Presentation Appointment

When you get to this step, make sure it counts.  Cover all the bases, from business issues and current processes to support solutions and proposed processes.  Only present if a decision maker is present, but that doesn’t mean direct all your attention to this person.  Your presentation should cater to every person—from the CEO on down to the receptionist.  Paint pictures of potential issues, create engaging exercises and stay away from tech speak.

Get the Check

It’s almost time to get the check, but before that, you have to deliver the proposal.  Describe every piece of your proposal briefly and go in-depth as to why and how your proposed solutions will improve their current business.  Keep the participants focused on relevant, easy-to-understand information. Handle objections carefully by preparing yourself beforehand.  For example, an objection to price should be resolved with a PowerPoint slide on previous excessive spending versus future savings.  Always remain firm with your Managed Service offering to avoid scope creep and to standardize your technical support.     

If you’d like to read more on these five closes, download this e-book on the MSP sales process here.

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Alex Rogers

Over the past 25 years CharTec CEO, Alex Rogers, has developed and continued to adapt his sales process to work specifically for you, the technology service provider. His 2-day Sales trainings have led people to $1,000,000 MRR deals, the highest profit margins they have ever seen, and the doubling and tripling of businesses, including his own 5-time Inc. 500 recognized MSP, ARRC Technology.After developing his own highly successful MSP over two decades, Alex took his next big step in 2009 with CharTec, a company specifically developed for IT service providers who support small to medium-sized businesses. CharTec is a rapidly growing and acclaimed solution provider within the Channel. Furthermore, Alex's MSP sales expertise regularly fills seats at any event for his inspiring speeches on innovative MSP sales strategies and tactics.

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