Best Blogs from 2017 for Solution Providers

posted by Jackie Schmid on Tuesday, January 02, 2018 in Unified Communications and IT Blog

This time of year is always exciting as we transition from one year to another. For me, it serves as a valuable reminder to take a step back, gain perspective, and create goals for the year ahead. I’ve found it helps to look forward by looking back at the previous year to see what we’ve learned. So, it was natural for me to compile the most popular blogs we’ve seen over the past year. In case you missed any of these from 2017, your peers think they’re worth a look:

#5 From the Desk of Nick: How Subscription Voice is Changing the Industry

Author: Nick Nielsen

This is my personal favorite blog from last year. We were able to get the perspectives on the UC industry from some of our most experienced customers. Nick interviewed Matt Kanaskie of Marco and Craig Marowitz of Expert Technology Associates, who are both running telecommunications businesses in a time of volatility and immense change. These interviews give us an inside look into how these companies view and are reacting to those changes.

#4 The Cost of Not Financing Technology

Author: Seth Thompson

“What is the interest rate?” is probably one of the most dreaded questions our Solution Providers get when they are proposing a monthly payment. In this blog, Seth turns the question around and talks about the downsides of a business using their cash to acquire technology instead of looking at the big picture.

#3 17 Years and Counting

Author: Dave Isenberg

At GreatAmerica, our culture and our people are differentiators. This blog was written by Dave Isenberg on his 17 year anniversary of working for GreatAmerica. This year we celebrated our 25th anniversary, and this blog provides insight into why so many people stay and enjoy working for GreatAmerica.

#2 Alternatives to HaaS

Author: Jackie Schmid

When this blog was written a year ago, I got the impression As-A-Service was hitting its peak, but I had no idea. In just the last few months, several big companies added As-A-Service offerings including Tech Data, ScanSource, Ingram Micro and HP. In this blog, I lay out the different flavors of Hardware as a Service and how they each fit into the Solution Provider’s world. (Disclaimer: There might be aspects missing that were introduced since this blog was written.)

#1 Four Common Pitfalls in Strategic Planning

Author: Arial Harland

Somebody once told me the phrase “strategic planning” is an oxymoron. Planning is inherently tactical…not strategic. Maybe that is why so many companies fall into these common pitfalls of strategic planning. Arial’s blog brings to attention the top mistakes companies make during annual planning, and would be a great read to keep top of mind as you go into annual planning this year!

With that, let us usher out 2017 and welcome 2018 with hope and excitement.

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